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The researcher suggests further knowledge in this area may heighten "principals' awareness of the need for keeping an open climate and good communication" (p. 339). Unfortunately, Halawah like many other researchers before him fails to describe what constitutes "good" or "open" communication. One of the primary problems that exists in the multi-faceted workplace as described by Halawah is an inability to communicate in an efficient and concise manner. Teachers and principals must not only communicate amongst each other, but most also work directly with students to ensure students have an opportunity to realize their personal goals and objectives while also recognizing their role in school, at home and in the community. A school climate that embraces culture and community is more likely to realize success than one that does not.


School climate is an important element of education. As noted in this article school climate includes the community that supports learning. It may include peer-to-peer relationships, student-teacher relationships and relationships between teachers and the principal and students. What Halawah fails to mention is the need for interaction between community and educational institutions and parents as part of the school climate. Parents that are more involved are likely to identify actions that teachers or principals might take to enhance learning in a culturally diverse school climate.

As a principal, I believe...


The role of the principal is to lead and direct communication so it centers not on organizational objectives alone. It should focus on student objectives and community objectives especially if the school intends to prepare students for work outside the school climate. An effective principal in my opinion would be one that creates a school climate that fosters growth internally and externally through open communication and collaborative efforts between students, teachers, parents, the principal, the community and even school guidance counselors.

Halawah notes that communication is important to building a comfortable school climate. Further, Halawah cites the U.S. Department of Education that notes enhancement of teacher learning is critical to the creation of a positive and supportive school climate. Also important based on Halawah's research is the need for "stable and supportive administrative leadership" which he suggests is an "overriding factor" that will determine whether school programs and policies are successful or not.


Halawah, I. (2005) the relationship between effective communication of high school principal and school climate.…

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Halawah, I. (2005) the relationship between effective communication of high school principal and school climate. Education, 126(2): 334.

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