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Science and Religion Seek the Same Thing

Science is the study of how the human race comprehends the world around them, while religion is what they apply to translate their study on the never-ending belief. There is a radical distinction between the two because the human beings use science to explain their relationship with God, while they use science to correlate with their surroundings. According to the Muslims and Christians, creation was from God's likeness and image, and they have a gift to differentiate and balance between science and religion within their environment.

Religious beliefs explain how the human race has tried to control and influence their environment and destiny through unconsciously following the dictates of natural law. In the 17th century, Hobbes, a philosopher reasoned that human life in its ordinary state is nasty, poor, solitary, short, and brutish. This seems to give explanation as to what entails in the natural order. The responsibility that religion plays here is how natural law can assist human as they comprehend and act concerning natural order.

Science defines natural order as the mode the world progresses with rules that govern and guide it among other things within. In a long time, people have not been the decision makers of natural orderliness rather they have followed because they have no power to change or interfere with it. Therefore, they have to adapt the occurrence because it is the only way to fit in the natural world order.

The same natural law deals with human morals that centers on both good and evil. It also deals with love for God, equity, equality, peace, and freedom. Mostly, the natural laws are laws that supposedly given to the humankind by God in order to endorse peace, respect, and love amongst humans. The Bible emphasizes on love for one another, and doing unto others, what you would want done to you. Religion has thus promoted the natural order that stops evil, and injustice among other issues that affect human existence.

It is mandatory for people to follow natural order unlike religion, and natural law whereby one has a right to choose which one to follow. This means that natural law and religion are optional on human beings like natural order. It is obvious that people are afraid of death although the fear never prevents them from death. The human race is scholarly and they have tried everything to prevent death. However, this having proved impossible, they have learnt to allow this occurrence of death, adjusting their plans through reasoning. This causes them to prepare for death, with some making prior arrangements for their funerals.

Natural law and religion on the other hand is optional to the human race, although many people try to follow their dictates. The Ten Commandments has strict moral teachings that guide the human race in everyday's conduct. These include the love and respect for God, fellow humans and marriage. However, people still violate these laws knowingly, and ignoring the punishment due from their religion. This is because the religion and natural law have no direct method of controlling humankind.

There have been cases where the religious leaders enforce these laws onto their followers through reasoning. This means they have to add these laws of obedience to the natural order whether through Bible or Koran. Adultery is an example of a law enforced by both Koran and Bible, and which people have defied. The religious leaders stopped divorce reasoning it is a life bond. This way the religious leaders have rejected divorce in churches. The case of a British King who wanted to divorce and remarry another wife saw him rewrite the bible. However, the church had refused and unfortunately, he became a British Monarch head.

On the other hand, the Islamic faith enacted some laws that would reduce adultery. Such laws were 'if a couple remained without having sex for more than 3 months, it was a seen'. This made sure that the couple was comfortable in their marriage and contented with their partners hence reducing the chances of adultery. The bible also discourages young people from involving themselves with sexual activities. They include looking at women lustfully because that is fornication. However, the same bible says that a man shall leave his father's home, pick a wife, and together they shall be one. The only way to pick the woman is by looking her and ensuring his mental desires meet. This means it is human nature to desire the other sex.

The human race is left with the questions on why natural things happen. They will wonder why rains may be a blessing to some people while the same rains cause havoc to others. The question of why heat is appalling, and the cold regretted in some places. Almost everybody believes in God's existence. They believe he is supernatural and created everything as well as organized them in a way that operates under a set of rules, and principles known as natural order. These laws synchronize the orderliness of the world. The religions have managed to create their own rules although they belief that they come from God. The major difference between science and religion is that natural order cannot be altered like the religion laws.

Each religion has its own set of rules that are overseen by man. An example is the Catholic Vatican that oversees their rules. Man through agreements has changed these rules over time from different reasoning. Religions have managed to instill the rules into the churches and their followers who do not need to ask but just follow. This explains the reason why many religions end up breaking. In the 16th century, the Reformation Church broke up led by Martin Luther. In the Islamic religion, the Shia/Shite also broke up due to disagreements. Today there is a gay Nigerian Anglican church led by bishop Akinola. Human reasoning has been the major cause for these break-ups causing formation and deformation of religions.

There is a human desire of making life more entertaining; to reach targets, and minimize limitation spells from the difference between religion and science. However, this does not mean they are not compatible. Using human reasoning is smart. There is also the need to get the answers to many questions. Through science, human beings are able to reason. Experiment, observe, and then make serious conclusions. Similar procedures are carried out during scientific experiments. That is why reasoning in human is scientific. Religion has obstructed the human race from discovering their limitations. In the book of Thessalonians, it says no one can understand the works of God. This means that man forbids to ask questions on the bible. People wonder why God allowed the devil to tempt Adam and Eve if human ca not to ask questions.

The bible says God blessed Jacob's lineage despite him outsmarting his brothers. That raises questions without answers because he also failed to warn Moses from striking the rock. David was allowed to kill a man and even take his wife while the bible warns in its commandments on killing. The story of Sodom where God found Lot clean leaves some questions unanswered. Job, a man of God suffered so much while Paul killed Stephen. Peter led God's church after denying him three times. Why are 'The Ten Commandments' acceptable in church despite them omitting the issue on homosexuality. All these questions remain unanswered to date, and they have brought controversies in church. The simple answer given to the Christian is that God is mysterious.

Critical thinking brings a conclusion that it is possible God never saw future; he was jealous as in Ten Commandments, daring as reflected at the Garden of Eden, experimental as seen in Job's suffering, impassionate as shown during the plague in Egypt, exploitive as seen when he used Moses and dumped him, among others. Others may argue that Jesus was not the son of God because this may men that God had a wife or engaged in sexual deeds. The fact that he thought of getting Adam a partner may be seen as sexual although the Christians would label this as blasphemy. This type of reasoning is not only peculiar to Christians but to Muslims, Hinduism, and Buddhism too.

By using reason, one is able to understand God, and learn the truth of religion. God appreciates a man who uses his proper reasoning that is free given gift from him. The bible says that if one does not make use of their talent, it is taken away from them. This means that any religion that negates reasoning as God's will, is rejecting his words. The bible calls good reasoning nomenclature as wisdom. This was shown by Solomon and many others. The book of Ecclesiastics emphasizes on the vitality of wisdom. "Better is a wise and poor child than an old and foolish king" 4:13.

There is a big gap of difference between religion and science. This is because in science, there is the reasoning of finding…

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