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Science and the Public helps remedy the situation without detracting from the valid work of specialists. Cultural beliefs inform how individuals ask questions, and from where they seek answers. Given that so many people continue to believe in the paranormal, for instance, suggests that science is doing a poor job of answering questions about intangible or abstract issues.

Dacey explains the connections between scientific study and cultural beliefs and values with concrete examples. For example, Dacey notes how neuroscience can pinpoint the structural processes in the brain that pertain to daily decision making. Dacey also points out how cultural values inform decisions related to public funding for science and engineering projects or for biotechnology. The field of Science and the Public will not only help improve scientific literacy but it will also make science more conscious of the assumptions and values that underlie research.


Dacey, A. (2004). Science and the Public: Is Science…

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Dacey, A. (2004). Science and the Public: Is Science Making Us More Ignorant?

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