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seated fear of the current state of culture as witnessed in television programming. He argued that through the evolution of ideas beginning in literature with horror writers such as Stephen King, and seen in the present in reality TV programs, a sadistic mental illness has encapsulated the collective viewing audience. He used examples from current television reality programming to highlight his ideas and present a very dangerous environment for those who choose to engulf their minds in the programming produced by such sources. The author empathetically concludes his article with a plea with his audience to observe National Turn Off Your TV day and enjoy the freedom of a TV-free life.


I strongly resonate with many of the arguments presented in the writings of Goodspeed (2004) as they identify a disturbing trend within culture and media. The author's ability to summarize many of the problems that are noticeable within the mainstream television menu reflect my own opinions on television and its ability to confuse reality with fiction and create an environment of false lies and deception that may not be beneficial to those participating in its viewing.

I myself do not watch television and do not own a television device. This is due to many of the arguments that were brought up in the authors diatribe against the quality of television programming demonstrated in the macabre and inane selections available. Television has physical effects on me that were not mentioned in the article that surely affect those who enjoy its company. Television causes a sense of lethargy and worthlessness in me when I used to watch it
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for hours on end. Eventually my body became sick with watching it.

The source of my disdain for television aligns closely with the author's arguments as his confusion and frustration rings out clearly in his words. I felt a strong companionship with this author as I read his words "Many have compared current trends in American culture to the last days just before Rome fell. Some even say that no culture in the history of the world has ever recovered from the depth of decay we are currently experiencing in American society." This extremely negative viewpoint, while dramatic helped provide me with a greater understanding of television and its use in society.

Television is a method of self-induced trance that puts one's subconscious at the mercy of the programmer according to many psychologists and empirical studies. Television has a mesmerizing and hypnotic method of luring its viewer into a state of receptivity that can be taken advantage of by those with such an agenda. This power can be used in many ways, either for good or evil, depending on its wielder and their purposes. From a personal standpoint however, myself developed nature tends to reject the core values and ideas that are being presented on television in today's age as described by the author's critical approach to the subject.

For me, this essay brings up many more questions about the sinister nature of television and how it can be used to spread ill messages of propaganda that are not serving the consumer's best interests. The use of fear and disgust in the article is helpful in garnering the necessary emotional interest to identify with the author's point-of-view . This is used with great effect…

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Goodspeed, M. (2004). Reality TV Fosters Sadism. 15 April 2004.

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