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Assessment of final course project:

Final self-reflective assessment for students on the process of learning

The assessment instrument I will use is a combination of a checklist and a short essay section which will enable the learner to assess his or her effort and competencies over the course of the semester. The assessment will involve a Likert scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being 'not much at all' to five being 'very much.' Questions will include self-reflective assessments such as: "I put forth a great deal of effort in this class" and "I devoted enough time to research all of my assignments adequately." To encourage accurate reflection, there will also be questions about hours spent studying every week and the number of times the student missed class.

As well as a scored questionnaire, students will also have the opportunity to write a short essay on the topic "what I would suggest I could improve upon when I take my next class" and also a short essay on what the teacher could improve upon. This will enable the student to include any reflections he or she could not address over the course of the questionnaire. The questionnaire would prompt self-reflection which would then better translate into the essay section's less structured methodology. This reflects "self-assessment as a developing process…the use of criteria that are gradually internalized. These criteria are constantly refined by instructors, who initially articulate the criteria, and by students, who at first might or might not be able to express some criteria" (Loacke 2004).

The assessment would be given at the end of the last class, without the teacher in the room. This would be designed to encourage greater honesty. The assessment administrator would distribute the questionnaires and essays to the students. The students would be given unlimited time to complete the self-assessment.…

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