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Baumeister and Leary discuss the various goals of literature reviews. The selected article by Piotrowska, Stride, Croft and Rowe discuss SES or socioeconomic status and its potential role in antisocial behavior. The writers of the article seem to develop their review from the most ambitious goal of Baumeister and Leary's literature review discussion. This goal involves development of theory and the authors here have a main objective to propose a new r theory or conceptualization regarding some psychological occurrence. For the article, it would be the correlation between antisocial behavior and social economic status.

The authors stated within the article, not much research is performed concerning this kind of correlation. "Although available research evidence does not permit formulation of strong hypotheses as to whether behavioural subtype moderates the relationship between SES and antisocial behaviour, it could be speculated that this relationship will be less pronounced when more heritable subtypes are considered" (Piotrowska, Stride, Croft & Rowe, 2015, p. 49). Therefore, they begin to describe what consists of antisocial behavior and research that describes possible links to financial cost of antisocial behavior. Although it could fall into theory evaluation, because there is no underlying theories supporting it, it would most likely fall under theory construction.


There are some strengths with this review in that it clearly states its objective, which is finding correlation between SES and antisocial behavior. It goes about this by describing what constitutes antisocial...


The review/article looked for countless studies that included results that linked children that came from low-SES background and higher prevalence rates/mean symptom counts of observed behavioral problems. Statistics back up statements like financial cost for families with severely antisocial children. "The annual average financial cost per family of severe antisocial behaviour during childhood (i.e., symptoms within a psychiatric range) was estimated at £15-382 in 1999 (inflation corrected for 2013, approximately £23-260 and €29-256), with 37% of the burden taken by families" (Piotrowska, Stride, Croft & Rowe, 2015, p. 48). Having figures and recent information strengthens the theoretical construct the authors are going for.

Another strength is the overall clarity of the article. Although it is a lengthy read, it allows readers to select which parts to read. Things like sex and age break down some categories. Other sections cover process like data synthesis and search strategy. A well-organized article allows for greater ease of reading.


There were some existing problems with the way the article was written. Baumeister and Leary express this in their work by using the phrase: "Inadequate Introduction." While the introduction was somewhat informative, it did not really make the reader understand what the theory was supposed to be and how it…

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Baumeister, R., & Leary, M. (1997). Writing narrative literature reviews. Review Of General Psychology, 1(3), 311-320.

Piotrowska, P., Stride, C., Croft, S., & Rowe, R. (2015). Socioeconomic status and antisocial behaviour among children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 35, 47-55.

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