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Sales Assistant at Marks and Spencer Section There is a derivative need to ensure that Marks and Spenser Gifts vendors compete in Europe and America and other sections of the favorites in the clothing and cosmetics distributions. The business is located in the UK, but has a number of retail outlets in major world cities. The corporate organization was operational for the last one decade. The business is currently exploring options in food and beverage industry and thus the direction of social media sales strategy is a remarkable idea.

Some of the social media online platforms include Google blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Most people are now using social media for the basic transaction. As a result, there are opportunities to market using social media better than using traditional methods, which are relatively expensive, do not meet the odds of gain. In addition, online marketing constructively differs from traditional marketing since it is agile and can encourage more people to join in any debate. The main objective why it is decisive to apply this sales strategy is to build a collective sales base. In 2009 and 2010 respectively, Dell claimed that $9 million came from a Facebook and twitter accounts (Safko, 2013, 52).

A good approach to ensure that the sale strategy is profitable is the creation of accounts, applications, games, and pages. Facebook will aid this approach since I will institute the development of multiple pages, forums, and application geared towards enhancing interactions. The proposal ads will appear on users' pages, and targeted profile and product information will appear shortlisted here. Both Twitter and Facebook will provide a mechanism to boost the campaign. When a friend joins the campaign, their other friends will be notified. Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users. This is almost a sixth of the world total population, and this implies that it stands the greatest marketing position ever.

At Marks and Spenser Gifts, I am assigned the sales department. My approach is geared to use the Internet actively to offer the chief product, technical information, advices, and references. This report will seek to clarify the learning agreements between my supervisors and me. The learning agreements will personal advisories on the strategies that I will apply to achieve decisive goals in relation sales and internal team building initiatives.

Explain your specific job role

My specific job role will be guiding customer and visitors to various sections of the business. In order to achieve this, I posses the vision of the business and the inherent aims of the objectives of the business illuminates my role. Critical questions that guide me are; what should I do to make it happen in the business? Secondly, what should I relate to the vision of the business, family, my organization, and myself? With time, this approach will define my core job roles because I will extend the sales territory to attract new customer while retaining the old ones in the meantime. Secondly, I will build a personal image to illuminate on the image of the business. In fact, my critical obligation will protect the image of the business. Thirdly, I will develop product knowledge and to this, I will bring new ideas, new processes, and new services at reliable cost. Fourthly, I will be obliged to communicate with customers, and the information (opinion) obtained will be applied to counsel the dealer. Fifthly, I will engage a good feedback to prevailing producers. Additionally, I will use the best training method to keep updated constantly and inversely encourage more entrants into the field. In fact, I will be obliged to assess the credit information by contacting debtors politely. Besides, I will participate in an executive sales meeting, seminars, and retreat. In those meetings, I will reaffirm the commitment towards achieving greater sales dimensions. The above roles and obligations will remain a vital consideration to my sales initiative.

Aim & Objectives

Aim 1: To improve my sales presentation skills with the intent of expanding a large customer base and contributing positively to organizational development

Smart Objective: To work closely with my sales supervisors; this will encourage me to develop a comprehensive learning approach engineered to respond to direct demands of the organization.

Aim Two:

I will endeavor to develop a coherent communication scheme responding directly to the demands of the organization and those of business clients.

Smart Objective

Communicate consistently with other organization's members. My communication will be engineered to improve my personality by fostering my understanding in achieving greater objectives in the business world.

Learning agreement structure (For objective One)

The Planning Stage and the Reflective Stage

1. The Objective

To work closely with my sales supervisors and other team members. This will encourage me to develop a comprehensive...


Activities Required
To achieve this, I am required to get oriented to sales supervisors and other team members. This will require me to research on the vision and mission statement of the organization. Secondly, I will specify targets and priorities that I need to develop with intent to achieve vital organizational goals. Thirdly, I will commemorate with all members with intent to deliberate on a collective strategy of achieving required team goals. Fourthly, I will make personal decisions and schedules, which will be in line with aggregate organizational goals. Lastly, I will identify team members' strengths and weakness. Through this, I will identify a kin-team of people with similar like-minded goals.

3. Skills Required

I will develop benevolent skills. First in the list is the development of a culture of trust and self-disclosure. In this regard, group ideas will be encouraged. With several deliberations, I will be communicating with customers objectively. In addition, I will ensure that I have integrated openness in various levels communication and organizational objectives. Secondly, openness will be applied to communicate to the business customers like the nature of the product and the positive effects on their lives. Thirdly, I will develop self-respect skills primarily those, which are engineered to ensure that I communicate with teammates and customers in a channel that best understand organizational demand and required customer handling mechanism. Lastly, I will be required to develop self- support and close organizational support. With many customers, self-support will enable me to deal with them decisively at individual levels.

4. Resources Required

I will be required to develop a combination of tangible and intangible resources. First, the tangible resources like wears (clothes and cosmetics), pamphlets, brochures, and the other materials advocated by the organization. In contrast, the intangible resources will be those related to my academic background, psychosocial development that will aid me to adopt effective negotiation skills. I will also use the Internet frequently to learn about market trends.

5. Criteria for Success

To achieve goals, the criteria for success will guide my integral involvement in planning on timing and scheduling. The criteria will be guided by the goals I set. The goals are as follows; first, enrolling a critical methodology that will appreciate the integral role of technology in facilitating various channels of communication between me and the teammates and me and customers. This will adequately be aided by a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) primarily those which will assist me to benefit of my approach -- communication (Tsai, 2012: 127). KPIs will be vital in assisting me to develop good organizational relationships and customer networking. Secondly, KPI will assist me to develop a critical decision making approach- throughout the project implementation. Thirdly, KPIs will assist me to interpret key business goals.

6. Planned Evidence

The ideal planned evidence that I conceptualize seeks to integrate proper planning that lead to better health of the organization. This series is planned as follows; social marketing program, program exposure, behavioral factors showing to health outcomes. This approach will eliminate the delays and achieve vital organizational goals. Further to this, the evidence plan will help to collect data on what is needed to achieve desirable organizational goals optimally.

Reflective Analysis

1. Skills Developed

After implementing this approach, I will develop superior skills in organizational development, which is back to back with good customer development. Secondly, I will develop a culture of positive accountability, which is required in the development of the organizational discipline. Primarily, organizational discipline will be integral in aiding my knowledge on how to be transparent and stand a better situation to handle organizational challenges.

2. Evidence Submitted

From the evidence submitted, the approach seeks to utilize social marketing aided by technology. The evidence clarifies that social marketing will be a decisive tool because it is cheap and will attract more customers. In relation to the evidence, I will naturally stand a better position to use social media to promote organizational sales.

3. Achievement

In this regard, I will achieve vital organizational behavior skills primarily those, which respond to the required organizational discipline. I will grade myself with B+ since my current organizational behavior does not adequately meet professional standards. However, a key action that has been involved is the ability to develop a positive relationship between the organization staff members and the customers that I encourage to buy the business product. In addition, through this…

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