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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Erdely's article explores the phenomena of campus rape through the case study of a young woman by the name of Jackie, who was allegedly gang raped in 2012. Although the focus of the article is definitely onJackie and her own particular situation -- its ramifications and effects on her own personal life -- this tale is viewed within the wider context of a disturbing pattern of assault, violence, and sexual misconduct conducted against women at the University of Virginia. This particular educational institution is under federal investigation for the violation of women's rights related to numerous allegations of rape, sexual misconduct and violence. Erdely's article explores multiple allegations, as well as the overarching culture surrounding this university and this insidious pattern.

One of the more revealing facets about the article is the implication that the University system -- and perhaps even that of the surrounding country -- is not only largely tacit about many of these affairs, but also complicit with them. Erdely describes first hand how UVA utilized bureaucratic tactics and the proverbial yellow tape to impede her investigation of the aforementioned allegations. The author implies that those involved with what appears as a conspiracy include the university's...


The author suggests that the university has consistently attempted to downplay these allegations in order to receive a negative stigma about such misconduct -- which could sully its reputation and its pecuniary endeavors.

Perhaps the most ominous aspect of this article is the way it makes it seem as though sexual misconduct, misogyny, and mistreatment of female students are ingrained in the school's culture. This fact, and the fact that there are numerous instances of rape reported on college campuses across the country, is undisputed in this story -- and by the Washington Post's follow up, and by the retraction that Rolling Stone printed following the Washington Post's effort. The fact that there is a federal investigation into this matter is also not in doubt. Thus, whatever details regarding the account of the woman in Erdely's piece that are in dispute do not change any of these facts -- nor the compelling evidence of the lyrics to one of UVA's longstanding songs that are filled with lewd misogyny and derogatory comments about women, mostly issued in the name of some perverted pleasure.

The piece issued by the Washington Post largely appears as some sort of cover-up or an attempt to discredit the young woman who was the focus of the Erdely's story. In doing so, the Post chooses to focus on details: some of which, for the most part, are inconsequential and do little to negate the culture of misogyny perpetuated by this educational institution or the nationwide (if not global)…

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Erdely, S.B. (2014). A rape on campus: a brutal assault and struggle for justice at UVA. Retrieved from

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