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Sickle Cell

What detracted or hindered participants from successfully completing the activity?

When viewing many of the team building, universal collaboration significantly hindered team performance. When performed alone, many participants performed particularly well. For example, in activity 4, participants that ran through the jump rope alone, did so with little trouble. However, when required to move in unison as a team, each member had to account for the others strengths and deficiencies. When looking at the video, some teams seemed disoriented when participating as they did not collaborate with one another. As the teams became larger throughout the activity, the complications regarding collaboration were exacerbated to the point that some teams failed the activity. During the jump rope activity, coordination and communication are important. These concepts hindered participants from successful completion of the task. Likewise, in activity 1, lack of communication hindered the participants. When drawing the home, each member had a differing idea of how the house should look both structurally and aesthetically. Without communicating their thoughts, the teams were hindered in their ability to create a uniform picture. This lack of collaboration ultimately detracted from the team's performance relative to others who did so more effectively.

What helped the participants successfully complete the activity?

Visually seeing and repeating the activity helped participants successfully complete the activities. The final activity required a vast amount of unison when moving the object to the individual in the adjacent direction. As the rhythm increased, some individuals were unable to keep up with the group as a whole. These individuals ultimately caused the entire circle to fail the activity. However, with repetition, the participants began to become more familiar with one another and the individual next to them. As such, they could better anticipate the movements of the individual and prepare…

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