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¶ … Similiarities of Local State

Police Department Organization Paper

The Differences and Similarities of Local State, and Federal Police Agencies

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the implementation of our nation's laws has gotten an pivotal proportion of notice. Some people who say, contend that the federal government does not have sufficient resources to enforce certain laws of the land and that state and local law enforcement units should be exploited even more. There were quite a number of proposals introduced over the years that claim that our country should strengthen the role of state and local officials in the enforcement of laws to protect our nation. This proposed amendment has prompted many to examine what role and differentiation and similarities that federal, state and local law enforcement agencies should have in the enforcement of laws in our nation, if any.

The Differences and Similarities of Local State, and Federal Police Agencies


There are a lot of various positions in which federal, state and local law enforcement agencies take part in on an everyday foundation. The parts, functions and obligations of all law enforcement agencies are broken down into several differing positions. Local, federal and state law enforcement agencies are put in a position to produce regular surveillance of the populations within their area of expertise, provide emergency services, preserve records, sustain traffic, enforcement of mandatory laws, perform criminal investigations / organizing and


Federal Law Enforcement Officers are approved to implement different laws in the federal area. A lot of different types operate at the highest level and are bestowed with police roles, both can maintain a small factor of the other (for example, the FBI Police). The organizations have all over the country region for implementation of federal law (Baker, D., 2000). All federal agencies are restricted by the U.S. Policy to look into only substances that are available inside the influence of the federal government. On the other hand, federal investigative powers…

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The majority of all states operate statewide government agencies that provide law enforcement obligations, which include investigations and land patrols. They are usually called State Police, State Patrol or Highway Patrol, and are usually part of the state Department of Public Safety. In the calculation, the Attorney General's office of each state has their own state offices of investigation. In Texas, the Texas Ranger Division satisfies this place though they have their explanation in the era before Texas had even become a state. Numerous departments of State Governments can have their own enforcement division such as what are called the capitol police, Campus Police, State Hospitals, Departments of Correction, Water police, environmental Game Wardens or Conservation Officers (who have the whole police powers and statewide dominion). In Colorado, for example, the Department of Revenue has its own investigative division, as do a lot of the government subsidized universities.

Local Police Agency

Police departments are handled by the separate governments of the jurisdictions who pay them. The Police chief is paid by the local Mayor, city manager, or city council. The Chief of a local police department gives an answer to whoever employed them and can be exposed to a guaranteed level of political power chosen to them by the mayor, city manager, or city council (Stephens, G, 2003). A lot of cities do not have a local Police department or even have an extremely small police department in this situation. The county Sheriff's subdivision would be the department accountable to the subdivision (Linkins, 2007). The local law enforcement role comprises traffic assignment, patrol work, offering broad general assistance, and

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