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Police Department Organization:

The local, state, and federal agencies are part of the criminal justice system that focuses on dealing with the problem of crime. The main components of the criminal justice system at all levels of government include police, courts, and corrections that deter or prevent criminal activities through arresting, trying and punishing criminals respectively. The local, state, and federal agencies have different functions that are geared towards the enforcement of laws and provision of security. The police departments in these levels of government are public agencies with the purposes of maintaining order, provide services, and implement the criminal law. Generally, the police departments and personnel work in the community to thwart and control crime.

Types of Police Agencies at Every Level of Government:

There are many different kinds of law enforcement or police agencies including the small town police departments to the huge federal police agencies. However, these police agencies and departments are organized similarly with their main difference being their jurisdiction. The...


The major difference between these police agencies and the others in the state and federal levels is that they act as the initial enforcement of all criminal laws. In most cases, the officers in these agencies are supported by support staffs like dispatchers, detectives, and jailers in addition to the limitation of their activities in the jurisdiction they are assigned to.

State Police Agencies:

The state police agencies are based in the county and established by county voters in many states across America. However, sheriffs and their deputies are normally mandated with the task of patrolling an area within the state and federal routes and un-policed municipalities. Similar to the local police agencies, the state police officers usually find themselves implementing the local, state, or federal criminal laws on the front lines. The state police agencies have highway patrol officers, drug task forces, executive departments, and specialized enforcement departments.

Federal Police Agencies:

There are various types of law enforcement agents that are employed by the federal government to enforce laws and policies. Some of the law enforcement agents at the federal level include the support staff for agencies and special agents. The federal police agencies don't implement the local or state laws though they tip off the appropriate local or state authorities in the case of a suspicious activity.

Principal Roles and Functions of Police Organizations:

Similar to teaching and medicine, policing is one of the few professions…

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