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What Kind of Singapore Would You Like to See in 15 Years?

Singapore has undergone a number of exciting developments over the past 15 years. The economy has improved dramatically and there is a vast amount of wealth and financial power exercised by the economy. Moreover, the strengths of Singapore's economy -- the exporting and banking economy -- suggest that it will be able to sustain its success in the future. Nevertheless, there are a number of areas in which Singapore's economy and quality of life can improve; this paper discusses some of the social, economic, and political areas for improvement that can take place over the next fifteen years.

Singapore needs to strengthen its use of technology in order to appeal to the youthful population and entice people to remain in the country. The country's economic strength is due in large part to the thriving e-commerce sector. However, Singapore must continue to strengthen its information and communication technologies in order to sustain its success. Its economy is largely predicated around exporting (Khan, 1996), and Singapore needs to improve the quality of its technology within the country.

Singapore also needs to improve its infrastructure; this is perhaps an effect of the rapid economic growth, which has occurred faster than can be accommodated. Highways, roads, and transportation must be strengthened. Because the roads are currently inadequate, it is also necessary to improve upon the public transportation services that are available, and people should also be encouraged to pursue public transportation for its environmental benefits. More stop lights are also needed, as commuter times are out of control and the flow of traffic must be regulated more efficiently. As it currently stands, traffic jams are a regular occurrence, and the next 15 years must see improvement in transportation in order to convince the youthful population to remain in Singapore.

Over the next 15 years, Singapore also needs to bolster its tourism industry. Tourism…

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