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SH takes the issue of safety extremely seriously. Therefore, the company wishes to acknowledge and reward individuals who contribute significantly to the improvement and/or implementation of the prevention of safety issues, or the handling of a safety related situation. The contribution itself may be a single act that prevents damage to corporate property or injury to a colleague or passenger. In essence there will be a series of awards given for those who help to exhibit quality in safety or to enhance the SH safety program.

Field awards are also given a cash bonus of $100/incident and 1 paid day off. Those awards have no time frame, and have no cap for awarding during the year. Once a year, however, there will be a company wide selection of a single individual, group, or department that exemplifies the core safety values for the company. This annual award will result in a plaque, and an award luncheon hosted by the executive committee. That person will receive a cash or prize in value of $1,000 and a paid-day off. The Department of Safety will manage this exercise, which will occur 1 month prior to the end of the company's fiscal year.


The Director of Safety and said department will develop and maintain a pre-accident planning document that will be separate from this master document. It will be more tactical in tone, and will be coordinated with the heads of all functional departments.

In the event of an internal accident, depending on the seriousness of said incident, appropriate reports will be generated based on previous information.

However, in the event of an aircraft accident, the Director of Safety will immediately interface with the Federal Aviation Association and the national Transportation Board. The Director of Safety will be the formal liaison between the company and the government. The Director of Safety is required officially to provide transparent access to any and all documentation that any Federal or State agency might request, all appropriate cooperation, and to proactively assist those agencies in their investigations.

In addition, in the event of such a serious aircraft accident, there will be a full and very robust internal investigation and, regardless of the findings of the FAA or NTSB, appropriate action may be needed on an internal basis. Each new investigation will be managed by the Department of Safety, but, in the interests of providing a fair and unbiased report to stakeholders, a manager above level 7 will be randomly picked to chair the investigation committee, and ample time will be given to that individual so that he/she can focus on the investigation for the appropriate amount of time. This investigation will establish the chronological facts of the matter and will provide recommendations...


This company investigator is authorized to request and utilize any and all appropriate company information as needed. Personnel may be interviewed, and, if necessary, the use of outside investigatory agencies may be necessary. Once the investigation is complete, a professionally written document will be produced by the Accident Review Committee and the Director of Safety and presented to the Executive Committee and, upon recommendations, the Board of Directors. The Report will include a summation of the facts of the case, the investigation team's analysis, conclusions and recommendations regarding the incident. Dissenting members of the report may prepare their own rebuttal, to be included as an Appendix within the official report. Should any legal issues arise; the Director of Safety will act as liaison between those organizations and the employee, department, or company.


The Director of Safety has the core responsibility to maintain an appropriate analysis of any safety related issue within the company's allocation. This ongoing analysis will be maintained on the company mainframe, and the cross-tabulation and/or analysis will be made available to each manager monthly.


The Director of Safety has the responsibility to maintain all safety documents. Once per year, the Director of Safety will enlist the aid of at least 5 other individuals from randomly selected department to serve on a committee that: a) reviews all safety related issues within the company, b) reviews all recommendations made by the safety committee; 3) makes regular updates on any safety related programs from the past year. This includes any safety unit and/or incident that required outside personnel to be involved. By signing below, I certify that this Aviation Safety Program Management program is an integral part of our company mission. In addition, if errors in facts are found, please deliver a copy with your notes to the Special Collections Office/:Liaison who will ensure that the relevant information is corrected as appropriate.


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Report to Dept. Of…

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