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Business Plan

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional organization that gathers together human resource professionals for advocacy, and to discuss the current issues within the profession. The SHRM is involved in legal issues within the professional, and contributes advice to public policy. The society can also provide its members with updated information on a variety of human resources topics, so that members are up-to-date on all the current issues in the field. The SHRM has multiple publications, including HR News and HR Magazine, as well as books, that can help to keep members informed, with more in-depth and heavily-researched works.

The Society also plays a role in educating members, and provides certification that can assist members in gaining better employment in the field. By setting standards, the SHRM seeks to improve the quality of workers in the human resources profession, so that its designations have genuine value in the marketplace. There are also conferences held by the Society to assist with things like information, networking and marketing of HR professionals and of the field itself. The SHRM is one of the largest and most comprehensive professional bodies for human resources professionals.

Company Description

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) was...


The society began with just 28 members, who had a vision that the HR profession needed to have representation at the national level. Today, the organization has continued with the original mission of professional development, networking on a national scale, and to advance the interests of the profession.

The organization today boasts membership of over 250,000 members, having grown rapidly in the past few decades, including international expansion. There are over 140 countries represented in the organization now, and they are assisted by over 350 staff members, each of whom probably has a benefits package so complex nobody can understand it, and were hired on the basis of their physical attractiveness. Sorry, HR nerd joke. There are over 30 departments within the current structure of the SHRM that are designed to help meet the myriad needs of the human resource professionals around the world.

Services Provided

The SHRM is a one-stop shop for the needs of human resources professionals. Members have a voice in the activities of the society, including research, public policy and advocacy, and educational programs. The research arm of the organization seeks to provide accurate information to different stakeholders about the current state of the human resources profession. This includes the latest trends within the industry, about employment in different fields, as well as statistics about different legal issues. The society conducts surveys not only of its members, but of workers, in order to provide better information to the human resources community about specific issues in the modern workplace. Being able to build databases, and extrapolate surveys into trends, has proven helpful to the profession in a number of ways. Members get a clearer sense of what is going on in the workplace, but also they have a way to gauge the…

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These practices include: selective hiring, employment security, self-managed team, extensive training, sharing information, diminution of status differences, and stipulation of high pay contingent on organizational performance. Other authors analyzed by Chang and Huang sustain that SHRM benefits company both directly and indirectly as it modifies passivity into initiative by clearly communicating organizational goals and encouraging the participation of line-managers. In addition, by generating structural cohesion, defined as "an employee-generated synergy