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Socio-Religious Growth

There are two areas where I believe that socio-religious growth occurred as a result of coursework on campus. These two areas include growth in my (1) understanding of the bible and (2) methods for learning to study the bible.

Socio-religious growth should involve a better understanding of the society we live in and the role religion and spirituality play in our interactions with other members of society. I have learned through study at the university that there are many different ways of viewing the world, some more conducive to interaction and learning than others. My understanding of the Bible has inspired me to take my life in a new direction. It has provided me with an outlet of support and encouragement that I did not realize existed when I started my studies. In addition, I take away from the university an ability to actually understand and learn from the bible. Prior to my studies I would have examined the bible much like any other literary work. However I have taken away from my classes different techniques for actually learning from and studying the Bible to reap from it the most with respect to its messages and inspiration.

My studies related to the bible have also enabled me to have a more open minded approach to people of varying backgrounds, religions and cultural beliefs. It has helped me recognize the tremendous diversity that exists in society today, and improved my understanding of the need for compassion, understanding and communication in our every day activities.

Professional Growth

I realized professional growth with regard to my accounting ability and with regard to the field of Health Care Management. As a result of my coursework I now recognize that health care management is an emerging and rapidly growing field. I better understand not only the principles of health care management, but the politics that surround it. There are also many politics surrounding the professional world in general that have come to light thanks to my coursework at the university.

Among the most critical issues facing health care management include the rapidly rising cost of health insurance. Insurance premiums have resulted in double digit rises in insurance rates with no relief likely in the near future (Harwood, 2004). This has impacted the way that healthcare management teams are conducting business. Many health care management systems including those in hospitals have relied more and more heavily on employer-sponsored health insurance plans to enable treatment for patients (Harwood, 2004). However if premium levels continue to rise it is likely that some employers may drop or reduce coverage to employees, which may impact the way that health care is manage din the future. I have discovered that it is more important than ever for management teams and government officials to pay attention to the direction that health care management is going.

Above all else when it comes to health care management, the needs of patients should be considered. Officials governing the system need to adopt measures that will ensure that no one is left without care when they are in need. These are issues that will be faced in the years to come by politicians and healthcare management teams alike.

I also realized that accounting is much more than crunching numbers. Accounting is an aspect of everyone's day-to-day life and existence. Nary a business could exist without adequate methods of accounting. Accounting can help one establish balance and realize financial success in the career world. I now feel confident based on my studies that I could embark on a career that included several aspects of accounting without fear that I would not be able to compute basic mathematical functions.

Personal Growth

Personal growth has occurred in the following areas: (1) time management, (2) family values and (3) self limitations.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have taken away is that all of these elements are intertwined. Not one is more important than the other. Personal growth is contingent upon one's ability to manage time, focus on family values but also recognize ones self limitations with regard to abilities and needs. I have learned that while it is ambitious to attempt to achieve as much as possible, sometimes it is not within the scope of owns abilities to actually achieve all they set out to. Understanding ones limitations is often the first step toward realizing true personal growth and achievement.

Time management is actually related to the idea of self limitations. In order to manage one's time, an individual must first recognize what their limitations are with regard to time and with regard to their own unique skills, talents and abilities (Davidson, 1995). There is a fine balance that must be created between work and play. When getting things done becomes the end to all most people start functioning poorly and work vigorously to adopt time management techniques (Davidson, 1995). However time management techniques will only work if you adopt them reasonably and have the resources and wherewithal to finish something that you have started (Burt & Forsyth, 2001). I have also learned that one's perceived ability to manage time can be influenced by the level of stability that exists with regard to ones personal life, family values and personal perceptions of success (Burt & Forsyth, 2001).

Family values are an important aspect of life's puzzle. One's family values are evident in their belief systems, habits, decisions and actions. In order to remain a contributing member of society I feel it is important for all people to take time out to identify what their family values are, and which of their family values are most important to them from a personal and professional perspective. I have also learned that as students and members of society however, we must reconcile our family values and personal beliefs with those of society at large.

There are so many culturally diverse people living, breathing and working in today's society. One simply can't use their family values alone as a reference point for interpreting the actions and behaviors of others. Rather one should consider their family values as an important element of their being, but also recognize that some of their values may change as they interact with new and diverse belief systems and groups of people.

Weaknesses in Administration

I have identified two weaknesses with the system that currently exists at the university today. These are with regard to online registration and the current exit program.

Online registration is a vital component of one's academic orientation. Online registration should be easily accessible to all students, and should function efficiently and effectively. This is not the case at the university. Why is online registration so important? It is one element of a society that is becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet and online technologies to function adequately.

More and more consumers are relying on the Internet and online services to accomplish day-to-day tasks including register for university programs (Steinbock, 2000). The Internet is often considered the avenue of interacting and communicating for modern men and women. When students on campus are not able to use the Internet as efficiently as possible, it impacts their ability to succeed. It impeded on their time management practices and results in needless frustration and animosity. Streamlining the online registration process may result in a more cohesive

The Internet is changing the shape and nature of the world as we know it today (Shapiro, 2000). One might say that in order to go places in today's society one must first embrace modern technology, meaning one must adopt use of the Internet to carry out day-to-day functions.

Another area for improvement is the schools exist program. A schools exit program when designed correctly can facilitate many things. It is important to remember that students will leave a school for many different reasons, including transferring to another school, graduating or in the interests of pursuing goals outside of the ones that brought them to a school to begin with (Guidance, 2004). An exit program should allow acquisition of information regarding a student's personal goals and future desires without infringing on their privacy and making them uncomfortable. An exit program offered in a variety of formats is most likely to appeal to the largest number of students and will result in the greatest number of responses. For example, having an online exit interview form as well as a hard copy available, and allowing students the option of conducting an in person interview will provide the most flexible avenue for students to report their successes and failures with the university.


There were many strengths available at the university. Perhaps the availability of school counselors stands out most as a strength and benefit of the university. Making the decision to attend university is challenging and difficult. It involves numerous decisions about one's personal and professional goals. It is not always easy to determine the right choices alone. The exceptional staff at the university provided guidance that went above and beyond…

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