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Companies practically make it mandatory for these people to employ a "nicer than natural" attitude and thus influence them to feel estranged from their emotions. Even with the fact that flight attendants manage to avoid being stressed as a result of their coping mechanism, their thinking can turn in an occupational hazard. Employing such attitudes can lead to serious problems as flight attendants feel detached from their jobs and basically come to express no actual interest in the well-being of passengers.

* Hochschild's theory concerning emotions can be applied to Goffman's understanding of people's attitudes when interacting with others. People communicate through emotions and depending on how they see other people they feel more or less inclined to express intense sentiments. An 'actor' thus shares information with his or her audiences depending on the information that his or her audiences provide him or her with. Hochschild goes in depth with explaining Goffman's theories as she concentrates on demonstrating that people only express true feelings toward people whom they feel close. Flight attendants, for example, put across acting meant to make passengers feel that they are looked after and that stewards really appreciate them.

* Neighboring is largely based on social exchange and attraction is responsible for creating connections between neighbors. Individuals who feel an attraction toward each-other are likely to develop associations on their own. Two neighbors can thus have positive feelings for each-other and as long as each of them plays an active role in the relationship they are more likely to maintain it. By understanding the attraction between two neighbors one practically gains the ability to comprehend exchange relations and to comprehend why these two individuals decided to cooperate.

* George Homans used "Bringing Men Back in" as a means to provide society with the ability to understand that it was essential for it to concentrate on sincerity as one of its most important values. Sociology was, from his point-of-view, obsessed with providing abstract explanations of the social order and its behaviors. As a consequence, he was concerned about having sociologists understand that it was important for them to restructure their strategies in order to be able to assist the domain as a whole experience progress. He believed that that by directing their attention toward an intense understanding of human behavior that did not involve abstract theories sociologists would become able to 'bring men back in'.

* Usain Bolt managed to become a celebrity as a result of his physical abilities and because of his intriguing personality. By looking at matters from Pierre Bourdieu's perspective, one is likely to observe how Bolt made use of his bodily know-how and of his ability to successfully integrate society. This celebrity is practical and his strength of will enabled him to become the person he is in the present.

* if two groups of people would play a sport in which one of them would be proficient as a result of having invented and interpreted the rules of the game, the one that is experienced with the game would be most likely to win. Bourdieu's theory concerning field is important in this discussion because it promotes the idea that these individuals are all in a structured social space that has its own rule and where particular individuals can employ subjective attitudes. Depending on the community they are a part of, people are more or less likely to develop an interest in certain matters, with individuals in the group experienced in the sport they invented thus being more probable to experience little to no problems having success.

* Michel Foucault perceives discourse as an idea that enables power relationships in society. From the French philosopher's point-of-view, discourse stands at the core of social relations and language is a primary tool distinguishing between thriving individuals and people who have little to no success throughout their lives. Language apparently has a great influence on how the social order progresses and can in many instances shape people's perception of particular ideas. Discourse can basically be understood as a complex system of thinking that has emerged as a consequence of a culture's ideas coming together and shaping the way that people think and act.

* Foucault's argument that assertions of truth reflect a will to power is certainly intriguing. He is right in thinking that truth is in many cases relative, as many individuals tend to provide their own versions of the truth. Depending on the environment that one lives in and on the respective person's principles, he or she will be more or less likely to agree that another person's understanding of the truth is actually the truth. When considering the human rights agenda and the fact that some nations refrain from acting in accordance with the principles it promotes, it is obvious that those respective nations feel that not all the rights that the agenda supports are actually important.

* Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" provides a whole new perspective on the idea of power and supports the belief that knowledge is actually interconnected with power. Foucault saw power as being focused on influencing people to act in disagreement with their interests and emphasized that it should not necessarily be associated with ideas like force or aggression.

* Jurgen Habermas's "Modernity: An Unfinished Project" is focused on providing readers with the ability to understand that modernity is connected with classicism. By emphasizing this idea, Habermas wants his readers to comprehend how it would be impossible for modernity to end. Modernity, from his perspective, promotes the idea that there is a constantly changing path toward the future.

* When considering Habermas' work and the topics that he generally discusses, it would only be normal for someone to categorize him as a liberal.

* Habermas promotes the idea that public spheres are beneficial for society as a whole because they influence people to focus on politics rather than on consumerism. The fact that individuals fail to understand the importance of public spheres significantly damages society and it makes it difficult for constructive political ideas to be treated seriously.

* Theories of individualization are in disagreement with large-scale societal changes. The fact that these theories promote the autonomy of the individual means that they encourage people to take on attitudes that are in accordance with their personal beliefs rather than being in accordance with socially accepted principles.

* a DIY biography would most likely incorporate a series of subjective ideas and would thus make it difficult for a person reading it to have a complex understanding of my background. Even with the fact that I would focus on employing an objective approach in writing it, it would be difficult and almost impossible for me to do so.

* Durkheim devised the idea of solidarity as being connected to a group of people acting by individuals feeling that they are connected by their common goals. In contrast Beck-Gernsheim emphasized that people no longer feel that they are united by their ideals or by their actions and they have developed a…

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