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The new hospital is absolutely necessary. Our community is growing. We cannot afford to rely on outmoded facilities in a hospital with insufficient beds. Our runoff is handled by the Bendalong Regional Hospital but we cannot continue imposing our public health burdens on them. I urge you Bilby residents to think about the future of our community, and what your children have to look forward to in terms of a brand new health care facility. Thank you for your time.

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to the Mayor's recent speech detailing the plans for the new hospital. Last year I was in a car accident. I was rushed to Bush Hospital here in Bilby. Although the nursing staff did everything they could to help, I had major complications with my surgery because Bush is severely understaffed. Having experienced first hand the need for an improved medical facility in our town, I urge your readers to reconsider their opposition to the new hospital.

Bilby needs a new medical facility, perhaps more than any other public project. For one, we cannot continue siphoning off our excess patient population on the Bendalong Regional Hospital. We also cannot continue burdening the wonderful medical staff at Bush. Nurses and doctors have started seeking work outside of Bilby because Bush hospital no longer provides the high quality health care our community deserves. We have fallen behind, and the only way for Bilby to provide health care services for the next generation is by investing in a new hospital.

The new hospital should be viewed as a boon for Bilby. Not only will the hospital provide thousands of jobs in the health care, construction, administration, and related fields, but the facility will improve the quality of life for residents. We Bilby residents need not fear change. Rather, we should embrace change in the best interests of our children and their children. Thank you.

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