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Speech to Support Mortgage for Independent Spanish Village

The focus of this study is to consider the scenario of making a choice in the use of inheritance money and specifically to gain a mortgage for an independent villa which will be a town or villa in realengo and to compose a speech to support this objective


It is my belief that gaining a mortgage for an independent villa is the most appropriate approach to investing of my inheritance money. For to do otherwise would be to render my inheritance under the control of another individual who will hold all power and decision-bearing capacity and who will not be as interested in the profitability or long-term success of the villa since they do not in reality hold ownership to the property. Under the system of feudalism which is a "social system of rights and duties based on land tenure and personal relationships in which land" and other types of income are held "in fief by vassals from lords to whom they owe specific services and with whom they are bound by personal loyalty." (Stubbs, nd, p.1)

The feudal society in which we presently live is a type of civilization that we know to be lucrative in an agricultural economy that is closed and that has certain general characteristics other than the "mere presence of lords, vassals, and fiefs. This society is comprised by those fulfilling official duties both civil and military in nature and these are not performed for an idea that is abstract in terms of the state or due to a belief in public service but instead due to "personal and freely accepted links" with the individual's overlord. This means that some public functions are effectively linked to the fief instead of the individual actually holding it and the result is fragmented and decentralized public authority. The manorial system is such that results in landlord exercising their wants over the peasantry that is not free due to various violation of their rights legally, fiscally…

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