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Fellowship and Career Objective

Throughout more than seven years of service to the healthcare industry, working in an administrative capacity as a liaison between insurance providers, patients and third-party payers, I have dedicated my professional life to the provision of medical services via the managed care industry. While working to maintain regular lines of communication with case managers, social workers, management staff, outside agencies and various hospital departments, the opportunity to immerse myself in the logistical operations of a major health care provider has proven to be invaluable. Performing fundamental duties that are integral to the successful delivery of health care services, from the identification of barriers to reimbursement via benefit investigations to determining patient eligibility for non-profit foundations, has provided me with a comprehensive base of knowledge and skills. Rather than rest on my proverbial laurels, however, I have committed myself to the task of parlaying this initial experience into a career in management and operations within the managed care industry. This statement of fellowship and career objectives is intended to demonstrate my capabilities within the demanding realm of managed health care, while also providing substantive evidence as to my competence and qualifications. By outlining the professional objectives I have set for myself, as well as the genuine dedication I have given to this critical sector of the health care industry, my priority…

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