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" He argues that it is wrong to use these embryos even though they will just be discarded and wasted anyway. For this reason, people with grave diseases and disabilities argue that Bush needs to change his stance.


Stem cell research is incredibly important and should be fully examined so that we can do as much as possible to find cures and alleviate human suffering (Feinstein, 2004). It is important that the government make every effort to expand the current policy so that federal funds will be available for more embryonic stem cell lines.

Basically, the controversy over stem cells involves just one specific type of research -- research using stem cells from human embryos (Fox, 2005). Currently, these types of stem cells are taken from frozen embryos left over in fertility clinics, but they can also be made using the same cloning technology that created the infamous Dolly the sheep. The other type of research comes from adult stem cells, which come from human cells or tissues, other than the egg, sperm, zygote, and early embryonic cells. However, this type simply is not as beneficial to research.

Only the use of embryonic stem cells is controversial, as many people believe that a fertilized egg is fundamentally a human being with rights and interests that must be protected (Medical health Encyclopedia, 2005). Opponents of stem cell research do not want fetuses and fertilized eggs used for research purposes.

Still, supporters of stem cell research argue that the fertilized eggs are donated with consent and would be discarded anyway (Medical health Encyclopedia, 2005). Therefore, there is no potential for those fertilized eggs to become living human beings.

As with many moral and ethical...


Supporters want to implement an aggressive federal program so that the potential of stem cell research can be realized. Currently, federal funding is limited to stem cell lines that already exist. The funding does not allow further destruction of fertilized eggs.

Recent reports that South Korean scientists are using cloning technology to create embryonic stem cells from living human patients have prompted momentum for both sides in the controversial debate on stem cell research (Fox, 2005).

Rival bills in both the House and Senate could either ban stem cell research outright, or fuel it with more federal funding (Fox, 2005). Currently federal funding for work with stem cells taken from human embryos is very restricted but researchers have the right to use private money freely.

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a co-sponsor of the Senate bill, hits the proverbial nail on the hammer when she recently spoke out against the importance of the United States staying ahead of other countries when it comes to stem cell research.

Stem cell research is the bright new frontier of medicine," said Feinstein (Fox, 2005).

But federal inaction has created a void that has been only partially filled by states and by private entities, and it has allowed other countries to move ahead of the United States in this important area of cutting-edge medical research."


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