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Strategic Plan B&B

Strategic Plan for a New Bed and Breakfast

The long-term mission of the Charmed Bed and Breakfast is to become the best bed and breakfast choice in the Santa Cruz County area directly south of the San Francisco Bay area for temporary lodgings by developing a different experience that capitalizes upon personal service, the historical nature of the Charmed building, and its unique location in one of the most attractive parts of the Central California wine country near historic San Francisco.


It is extremely important for any organization to have a perfect understanding of the marketing mix regarding price. This determining factor is so seemingly obvious, yet so basic to the operation of the bed and breakfast. What is the highest price that a customer will pay for a room? Setting the incorrect price is often the beginning of the end. It must not be too high or too low. When any organization is starting out, it is important to focus price levels on breaking-even to avoid a loss. At this critical point, one is trying to sell the customer and establish brand loyalty that will keep the guests coming back. An organization needs to have an in depth understanding about what it is they are marketing.

Obviously, a great untapped and underserved market is that of gay couples. While the state of California's status on gay marriage is in limbo, the formula of "double income no kids" is definitely one which can not be ignored in the financial formula. While all of the nuptials might not be celebrated in California (for instance, the actual exchange of vows may happen in another state), we could certainly aim for some of the business for family members who can not leave the Bay Area or for the Charmed B. And B. To be a honeymoon destination. In the likely event that gay marriage is reinstituted, then the gay wedding market would be a source of tourism, like it is in Vermont (Hirschfeld, 2011). This plus the demise of the ban of gays in the military should have an impact in California with its 27 military installations (, 2011). This is an upscale market that can afford the best services, such as concierge. This marketing strategy is aimed specifically answering the weakness identified in Charmed's SWOT for constrained resources and creatively turning it into an opportunity.

Value Statement

The operations of the Charmed Bed and Breakfast revolve around the customer. The customer is the reason for the bed and breakfast's existence and is the key to its continued operations. The amazement of the customer with personalized service is the way to capture brand name loyalty from clients. If the customers are treated like family, they and their loved ones will come back time and again in the future.

Ownership Structure and Analysis

Sole Proprietor

The sole proprietor form of ownership is tailor-made for the bed and breakfast industry. It is the simplest form of business organization available. In it, there is only one person owning, managing and controlling all aspects of the business. A sole proprietorship can have employees. However it is solely the owner receives the business profits/losses. The owner is responsible for any debts the business may incur in its operations. Expenses, income and losses are reported on the owner's individual tax returns.


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