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Social Security Administration Strategic Plan

Social Security Administration

Written below is a prelude to Social Security Administration strategy plan. The prelude consists of size, history, location, reason for creation, core areas explored and other relevant roles. The plan is basically aimed at working along with examples taken from federal agencies and to assess the analytical thinking skills of students as well.


At present, what is the size of the organization? At present, it has around 75,000 employees, both state and federal. The plan consists of increasing the number of employees to 100,000 (Social Security Administration). With 1,500 offices, the field organization is capable of nationwide network service. There are 10 regional offices, 8 processing centers, around 1,250 field officers, 30 Teleservice Centers, 5 National Hearing Centers, 169 hearing offices, the Appeals Council, Baltimore, Maryland Headquarters and National Care Assistance Center (Social Security Administration). Plans are underway to increase the quantities of offices to 2,000. It has been observed in many American embassies all over the world. Hence, we have a global and domestic reach. With more number of offices, the reach will be further and effective hence more people can get attain help of Social Security and benefit from them. It allows exposure to services...


Allotting a Social Security number or providing benefits needed by citizens are some of ways by which it has affected the lives of people. On a daily basis, workers are busy to meet the demands of Social Security. The tasks at hand are solving income issues when death and disability takes place, solving retirement claims and medical issues.

Primary Areas of Emphasis:

Two core interest areas are as follows:

The programs of Social Security are somewhat complex requiring some assistance; hence customer support is available for help at all times (Social Security Administration). The agencies are being partnered and brought into loop for reinforcing the government services by online means. Hence, video services will be increased and Social Security Express will be created, which is a new service for public.

The physical offices will have to be revamped. In-person will remain an essential component of customer service, but reinvigorated with technology. The technology will assist in allowing consumers to solve tough problems and employees to manage workload efficiently.

It's a known fact that consumers use self-service options…

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