Strategic Planning Recommendations Capstone Project

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Strategic Recommendations

Understanding consumer buying process is very critical to make consumer complete transactions. (Homburg, Sabine, Harley, 2009).

Cango Company should design a very good Website to assist consumer to complete buying process.

Cango should provide necessary information in the company Web page to make consumer complete buying process.

The Homepage should deliver extensive information about the company's product and services.

All information should be displayed at the Webpage strategic location where consumer will be able to view the information without problem.

Strategic Recommendations Contn

The Webpage should mirror consumer's buying process starting from the problem recognition to a product purchase.

Cango should also carry out an extensive research on consumer characteristics that include demographic and psychographic consumer's patterns.

The company should understand the psychological, personal, and social factors affecting buying behaviors.

Strategic Recommendations Contn

Analysis and evaluation of alternative products is also very critical in a consumer buying process. (Shaw, 2012).

Alternative products should be placed…

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