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Employ for Successful Distance Learning

In some ways, distance learning and learning in the traditional classroom rely upon the same basic academic skills and study habits. A quality educator, strong classroom materials, and the background education necessary to understand new materials all contribute to student success. However, the distance learning environment offers unique opportunities and challenges for students. Distance learning removes some of the obstacles to the traditional classroom by allowing students to attend classes when they have the time available, increasing learner flexibility. They also provide students with the opportunity to review material as it is being taught, without delaying other learners in the classroom. However, distance learning also injects four primary challenges for the student: planning, time management, communication and technology use. Fortunately, with proper planning, a student can ensure that these challenges, which have the potential of derailing a distance-learning student, can actually become advantages.


One of the advantages that peers who have taken online courses through Walden have told me about is that online courses actually make it easier to plan for studying. In an in-person classroom environment, the ability to question the professor as the lecture commences introduces the ability to get off topic, and can actually make it difficult to ensure that the required reading and other classroom materials actually match the day's lecture. However, by working with the syllabus and the presented lectures, I should be able to optimize my time and ensure that I have studied the appropriate materials for each lecture.

Time Management

As a professional who has already had to be able to integrate personal, professional, and volunteer opportunities into my schedule, I am not concerned about my time-management skills. While I understand that time management can be a particular problem for people in a virtual environment because of the flexibility of the schedule, I always made it a priority to finish schoolwork at least 48 hours before a deadline, if at all possible, to give myself sufficient time to ask questions, should they arise. I plan to continue this approach in the virtual environment, which should ensure that I complete all of my coursework in a timely manner. One of the best tips I saw suggested that I contact someone as soon as I need assistance because I will not have the same organic opportunities for requesting assistance that I would have in a live classroom…

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