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Green IT Strategies as they relate to Drivers, Dimensions and Goals

There are many drivers that are pushing the move to more sustainable IT practices. This trend has become known as green IT. The drivers of the trend have contributed to the dimensions in which the dedication to more efficient practices manifests in many different ways. The authors of the text describe green strategies in the following way (Unhelkar, 2011):

"Green strategies outline a long-term and unified approach of an organization toward environmental responsibility. Green strategies include Green IT, but as argued in the opening chapter, this consolidated approach to Green IT implies due consideration to all aspects of an organization from the environmental viewpoint."

Many different organizational processes and departments must all collaborate to institute Green IT practices. Most people intuitively believe that these practices are centered upon computing, but in reality a green strategy is much more comprehensive than that.

However, the Green IT strategy must also be complimentary to the overall business objectives. If the Green strategy is too far removed from the core business it can be counterproductive. Instead of coming up with a brand new green strategy that does not align with the core business of the organization, it is worthwhile considering the overall strategic approach to the environment as a business approach -- environmentally...


This model is being refined on an ongoing basis and is finding support in various business transformation and business intelligence domains -- being called green enterprise transformation (GET) and environmental intelligence respectively (Unhelkar, 2011). Whatever model is chosen for the organization, much of the conceptual framework will have to be customized to fit the business and the industry in which it operates. For example, other organizations have altered this model to create a green enterprise transformation (GET) model that they have implemented to move their organization towards a more sustainable path.

There are many drivers that can push an organization to implement a green strategy. "Effective green strategies result from an approach that cuts across all the tiers and silos of an organization; such strategies come from individual understanding, leadership, vision, knowledge about the structure and dynamics of the organization, awareness of the operational nuances of the…

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Unhelkar, B. (2011). Green IT Strategies: Drivers, Dimensions, and Goals. In Green IT Strategies and Applications.

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