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In such situations, it becomes a necessity to have all the fields of learning and engagement to be within the identified fields for the youth. The society is a diverse avenue or entity that needs a clear pathway for understanding (Clinton 72). If the youth and all the people in the world are subjected to religious teachings without making affirmed considerations of the needs of the society, it becomes a hard way for many people to be successful.

The religious teachings must appreciate the importance of its followers interacting with the other members of the secular society. This establishes a fair ground where the young can grow and develop. If the society becomes very restrictive like within a Christian atmosphere, it becomes hard for the available avenues of growth and development to be executed by the available members. The young will not be at a stable avenue of relaying their capabilities and potentials for the benefit of the society (Dickow 23). The different capabilities that can be harnessed among the youths can only be found within the genuine love and attention that is shown to the youth. It is hard for the youth to incorporate the Christian teachings and their socialization in a secular world in cases where they have to follow the teachings to the letter.

There is no direct knowledge that when all the available avenues of growth and development are established within the consent of the society members, it is necessary to have Christian teachings as part of the rules and regulations that are developed among the people. There is a limited chance for many people to live within a society that does not make use of the secular teachings. The secular teachings exist in the society always. It takes time and many other available resources to dislodge the fact of exploring more on the intended avenues of growth and development without having to make an impact in the general society (Bowen 71).

In the United States of America alone, there are the main foundations of teachings that are based on the Christian teachings. In such institutions, Christianity and many other religious bodies are brought together for the sake of trying to bring universality among the young who are developing in the society. There is more chance of having to interact with the new facets of religious understanding without making more challenges to the available avenues of human interaction in the society. In such cases, it is difficult to handle many challenges; this results in failure to practice the necessary avenues of human building and coexistence. In order to be part of the challenging environment with diverse social norms, it is necessary for the people live under the guidance of strong teachings like Christianity (Clinton 66). Nonetheless, their teachings and admonitions should not be based on the facts of Christianity. Nonetheless, they should be established within the nature and perception of the society. In such a way, it will become an easy pathway for the adolescent and all the members of the society to be part of the avenues of growth and development.

According to Benton (2008), strict Christianity is good in its development of the normative standards but resists strict development of a child within the normal avenues of growth and development. In many situations, it becomes hard for the available avenues of development to be explored without having to make major impacts in the secular world (Benton 14). As indicated in the United States of America alone, there are major challenges that can be established without having to link with the major avenues of adolescent growth. The secular world always appears to be a major influence and challenge to the overall growth and development of a child. In order to foster a genuine avenue for Christianity to take over many avenues of child growth within a society, it becomes relevant to have a common ground between the secular and the in secular society. The interaction between these two bodies would prove to be a necessary facet in the general growth and development of the children in the society. There is no way in which an available avenue of growth and development dwells within a social body without having to involve other different parameters like secular activities. Christianity does not make major considerations that it is relevant to have a genuine avenue of enabling many people to grow without having to dictate on their future parameters of existence (Cocklin et al. 36).

As a normalized way of bringing up the society members, it has become a necessity to consider the religious backgrounds. Nonetheless, these backgrounds must be able to delay a stable avenue over which the society members will be able to have a perfect reflection of everything that takes place in a society. There is no possible way through which the available avenues of an organization work without having to make use of the boundaries of service (Bowen 33). In such situations, it becomes very relevant to consider the intention of dwelling within a genuine environment that establishes a fair share of the social needs together with their norms.

Disadvantages of a strict religious upbringing has on intelligence, comparatively

The intelligence of a child is dictated by the environment and the situation in which the child has been raised from childhood to adulthood. In most cases, the general development of a child relates to the social trends and teachings that are accrued to the general avenues of learning. There is much learning and development within a social setup. The teachings vary from the relevant avenues to the religious teachings. In most cases, the open society and the world are free to interact with the available avenues of production without having to make huge considerations of the many necessities of growth and development (Benton 44). The open society is free to engage every member within the rightful pathways of influencing for growth and development. In order to make an impact in the general society, everything in the world is found over an open stage. This is what the religious society terms as a secular setup. Such social setups are not required by the religious structures of governance and existence. In a broader sense, there is a need to have a genuine avenue for relaying the available avenues of growth and development without having to restrict on the environment form that a child grows and develops.

When it comes to the intelligence determination among the youth and students, the social stratification is supposed to influence a universal growth and development of the adolescents (Bowen 51). In the end, a difference between a child who has been raised in a strict Christian society and the one who has explored to the entire occurrences in the society without limits exists. In most cases, the learners who have been exposed to a diverse world are more open to the intellectual development and richness unlike those who are only found within their genuine stratifications. In such cases, it becomes an important aspect to have all the generations of development within a genuine avenue and hence dwell within a given avenue for universality and child development in the intelligence.

The cognitive development of child growth and development is found with the specifications of the environment (Clinton 315). The environment plays a critical role in the realization of the need to have a common avenue for growth and development among the young people. In most cases, the intelligence quotient tests show that adolescents who are exposed to the general happenings in the society stand a better chance of developing in response to the needs and specifications of the available challenges. With this regard, many people who develop within the social stratifications of the society can explore more of the residual effects with ease. For instance, the scores of intelligence among the adolescents who have been exposed to the social norms and openness tend to be higher than those who have been stretched to a given social setting (Benton 21). Through these social settings, Christianity tends to derail on the general growth and development of the adolescents. In order to deal with such situations, it becomes a necessity to let the people and mostly the young, to be conversant with the available parameters of growth and development.

The intelligence capability of many youth is generated within their explorative nature. When they are restricted to a given avenue of living, they will tend to stay closed within a room without having to expand their intelligence over the happenings of the world. Therefore, the Christian settings and restrictions tend to act without respect of the available avenues of growth and development in the society. In order to bolster the general avenues of growth and development, it has become a necessity to dwell on the circumstances of love and genuine relation with the immediate environment. In most cases, the strict Christian teachings have…

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