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Evidently, the teachers who have been subjected to the survey have already stayed considerably long enough at Vista High school. This just shows that these teachers find this school appropriate for their credentials as a teacher. It is also very clear that not all teachers have served this school since the very beginning of their teaching career. Some of them may consider this school as their second institution of teaching and some may even be their third or fourth.

Presence of Technology at Vista High School

The teacher-respondents are one in saying that they have seen good number of technologies present at school. Having seen much number of technologies in the school means that the teachers are aware of the updated technologies a school institution must have. This also shows that the teachers are already familiar with the different technologies and that they are aware of the advantages and/or benefits the technologies provide to the school, to the students and to the teachers themselves.

Unfortunately, this paper was not able to delve deeper as to what kind of technologies do these teachers have been or used inside the school. Such information could have been useful in assessing the level of knowledge of the teachers in the use of various technologies.

Use of Technology in the Classrooms

When asked if the teachers have used more technology in their classrooms than in the past, majority of the teachers gave positive responses. This shows that majority of the teachers and the students have been using various technologies inside the classroom. However, there are also a few numbers of teachers-respondents who stated that they have no or have not been using a lot of technology inside the classroom.

There can be two valid assumptions as the different response given by the teachers. First, it can be assumed that there are teachers who have been teaching several subjects that are not technology related such as English or history subjects. Teachers who may have been teaching such subjects may not need any technology present inside the classroom, hence the negative response. Secondly, it is also safe to assume that the use of technology is just limited to higher level of students like the second to fourth year students. If this is the situation, first year teachers may not be requiring any technology inside the classroom to give more focus on the theoretical aspects of educational curriculum. What is good is the fact that only a few number of teachers responded that they have not been using technology inside the classroom, hence more teachers and equally more number of students have already been using technology inside the classroom.

Vista High School's Effective Use of Technology

Majority of the teachers responded negatively regarding the effective use of technology at Vista High School. One the noted reasons for such negative responses are the fact that although there technologies present inside most of the classrooms, the said technologies are not enough for the number of students who are supposed to be using them. This then implies that there is lacking amount of technology that will correspond to the teaching requirements. In the same manner, the amount of technology present in the classrooms is not enough to accommodate the students much more to teach them regarding technology use.

Another noted reason for the negative response lies on the fact that only the laboratory, or the computer classroom, contains ample number of computers, which is one of the most updated technologies that a school institution must have. This is worsen with the fact that computer class is considered as an elective only, hence the students have the option to take the subject or not and that they are not evaluated in such subject. This then limits the level of knowledge and skills that can be imparted to the students in terms of technology use.

Third reason why teachers find that Vista High School as not effective in facilitating the use of technology is the lack of updated software, programs and Internet connection for the computers. This implies that even if there are classrooms with some computers, not all of the computers have Internet connections or is updated with the current programs and software that can be used to teach the students. In today's world, computers need to be updated from time to time because the software and programs are always upgraded to suit the ever changing needs of the users. Likewise, the use of Internet has also been found to b very effective in providing valuable information for the teachers and the students. Without any initiative to upgrade the computer systems and access to Internet, teachers will really find it ineffective to use and teach such technology to the students.

The last reason, and certainly not the least, provided by the teachers about why they find the technology use in Vista High School ineffective is the inability of some of the teachers to teach and use such technology. The teachers who gave such reason also revealed that there is a need for the teachers to attend some proper training first before they could use and much more teach technology-related subjects. This then implies that not all teachers are familiar or adept in using computer and that they have not been given and developmental of training sessions for their professional development.

However, by probing deeper o the responses given by the teachers, there seem to be a relationship between the lengths of teaching years rendered to the amount of knowledge on the use of technology. The teachers who disclosed that further training on technology use are the teachers who have spent the longest years in teaching, regardless of the school. This then implies that the oldest teachers in Vista High school seem o be more unskilled in technology use, which can be attributed to the fact that they do not have any training in computer use when they were still studying (may be because computer use have not been established on those years yet).

Things the Vista High School Must do to Improve Technology Use

All the teachers agreed that more computers should be installed in each and every classroom, making sure that each computer is in good working condition, has upgraded tools and software and has Internet connections. This just shows that all teachers at Vista High School see the need for the institution to provide better learning opportunity for the students, by providing them the latest available technology. This also reinforces the fact that the amount of technology present at Vista High school is not enough to accommodate the students' need for updated learning.

However, if this is to be done, Vista High School administrators should ensure first that the teachers are properly trained about he use and methods of teaching of technology. Based on the last question, there are some teachers who are not adept into using computers, and if computers are to be installed in every classroom, all teachers then must know how to utilize such technology - from opening and using it, to operating every program and software installed.

Teachers' Willingness to Learn Using the New Technology

All teacher-respondents replied affirmatively when asked if they are willing to learn and be trained again regarding the use of technology. This, they state, is to ensure that the students will benefit and will learn from them. With the response provided by the teachers, it is very evident that all teachers - the older and more experienced one as well as the younger generation of teachers - would like to enhance their skills and knowledge, particularly in the use of technology. Such training will not only help the teachers in maximizing the use of technology inside the classroom, but also in imparting to the students the various usage of technology.

Some teachers also disclosed that they would want to be trained to enhance the standards of the educational institution, particularly the Vista high School. This is because such training will assure the parents and students (and event he aspiring ones) that the teachers in the school are still at par with the continuously modernizing world of technology.

Effects of Funding to the Amount of Technology

Again, the teacher-respondents are one in saying that the lack of enough funding tremendously affects the amount of technology present in the school or in every school classrooms. The explanations of the teachers revolved around two major reasons.

First lies on the fact that to provide the needed computers and other technology inside the school premises needs good sum of money. More so, installing updates software and programs plus maintaining the Internet connection will also cost a lot of money. One complete computer system alone (with a printer, updated central processing unit's system, and a monitor) already costs thousands of dollars. If there will be not enough government and private agency's financial assistance, it will really be impossible for any educational…

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