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Cormier in six weeks' time to note changes in Ms. Cormier's approach to discipline and any positive results with students. At that time, they will conference about Ms. Cormier's progress and further plans for improvement.

Section V: Summary

Ms. Cormier was nervous about being observed. At the end of the lesson, she seemed near tears and confessed that she believed the lesson had not gone well at all. The supervisor assured Ms. Cormier that the lesson idea was a good one. It was suggested that, in the future, Ms. Cormier provide students with clearer direction so they would not use questions as a delaying tactic when they were charged to sit down and begin the assignment. It was suggested that Ms. Cormier include a list of "brainstormed" words on the board that students could use. It was also suggested that she give students a writing prompt rather than an open-ended assignment in which they were asked to write a story. Generating an idea was too much for first grade students who were also tasked with using "fancy" words and using their "very best printing."

Ms. Cormier seemed to appreciate the supervisor's suggestions about professional development and indicated she would talk with her principal that day to arrange time to observe colleagues. It is clear that Ms. Cormier is dedicated to making a difference as a teacher. With more time and experience, she…

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