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The two sets of works, where posted and some of the other students also felt a desire to turn their art projects into monsters and/or creatures that expressed how they felt about trying the new food. The work proved to express both positive and negative expressions of allowable likes and dislikes.

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When the lessons where completed parent volunteers expressed that their children had been more frequently asking to try new foods and learn about them at home, parent involvement at home therefore reiterated lessons and sparked a whole new set of learning that included, in at least one case an alteration in unhealthy eating habits. The goal of the lesson was to do a project-based program with students that exposed them to new words and to healthy eating experiences. Additionally, at least three of the students brought snacks to school, that were much more reflective of the healthy eating goal, for many weeks after the lesson was concluded, one even brought vegetables, as apposed to sweets to celebrate his birthday a few weeks later. Trying new things is often a stressful event for students in this age group and the allowable expression of opinions was clearly a positive experience for even those children who were at first resistant to the new foods and the words that described them, in the language aspect of the lesson. The completed project was displayed, through an expression of the children's creative artwork and the children then had something to remind them of the experience for a longer period…

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