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6: Existing Cable and Wireless Design

The company will establish wireless access using the LWAP (lightweight access point). The LWAP will be distributed to all the facilities through the WLS. Typically, WLS will be installed to assist in providing the traffic tunnel and failover authentication. To enhance the security of the WLAN, the company will install the encryption system at the wireless access point, the encryption protocols will contain WPA/WPA2, and there will be an AES encryption at all the wireless access point using the 802.1 X authentication.

The company will redesign the local backbone infrastructure in order to increase the network bandwidth. There would be 100 BASE-T4 cabling to the 7 Cisco 2613 routers. The cabling system will assist the company to achieve efficient network connectivity for future growth. The 100 BASE-FX (fiber) cabling will be attached to the Cisco 7507 routers, which will assist in achieving more expansion capabilities and higher performances. The existing network will be worked into 2 Cisco 5500 Catalyst switches using the separate fiber cabling. The company will achieve a significant increase in the network bandwidth in the New York infrastructure with 100 BASE-FX cabling.

1.7: Current Network Utilization

The company will be able to utilize the network through the LAN and WAN. The company will achieve a QoS (Quality of Service) across the WAN router. To support the real-time traffic, the BestLinks will use the highest priority queue, and the network utilization is described below:

WAN Queue

Traffic Description

DSCP (Diffserv Code Point)

Minimum Reserved Bandwidth


Real Time

Voice Over IP

46 -- EF (Expedited Forwarding)



Call Signaling

Video Over IP signaling Voice over IP signaling

26 - AF31(Assured Forwarding)

24 -- CS3(Class Selector 3)



Critical Data

Interactive Video

High Priority Data

32 -- CS4 (Class Selector 4)

34 -- AF41(Assured Forwarding)

18 -- AF21 (Assured Forwarding)



Low Priority Data

10 -- AF11 (Assured Forwarding)



Scavenger class

8 -- C31 (Class Selector 1)



Best Effort Queue

0 -- No setting

Unused BW

1.8: Current Network Availability

The Network connection will be established through LANs at New York and Chicago centers. There would be a network connection between New York Center and Chicago center using the WAN connectivity. The company will need to test the network availability to understand whether the network has been really established. The network availability will involve testing the current internet connection, availability of over IP (VoIP) to understand whether there could be call success through the internet. Moreover, the extent the company has been able to achieve data transfer and retrieval over the two centers will be tested to develop the network availability. The company will also test the network availability to determine the number of packet loss within a month. (Cisco, 2012).

Jiang & Schulzrinne (2003) define the network availability as the number of times that the network has been available for use. The network system will be configured to achieve 99.99% availability. There would be integration of Cisco resilient to reduce the effect of outages within the company network system as well as achieving the operational excellence.

1.9: Delay and Response Times

The delay with the implementation of the project will be affected by the budget, technical personnel and availability of the technical materials. Within the contemporary technology environment, there is shortage of it (Information Technology) personnel to manage the project after the project implementation. The company will need to train technical personnel to manage the implementation of the project. The delay of the project will also be affected by the project budget. Hans Tech will need to fund the implementation of the project and since Hans Tech is a publicly owned company, the Board of directors will need to approve the funds that will be used for the project implementation and the approval by the board of director may take up to three months.

The project implementation will start on the 1 November 2012 and would end on the 30 September 2013.Project stakeholders will minimize the changes of the project requirements. During the project implementation, the critical tasks will be implemented first and the project implementation is presented in the table below:

Preliminary Activities

Engaging the BestLink Communication Expert Solutions

4 weeks

Information Security risk Assessment


Drafting the document of Information Security Policy

Business Continuity Plan

2 weeks

Hardware & Software Procurement, which include the servers, firewalls, cable, workstations, and anti-virus.

5 weeks

New York LAN Upgrade

Installation of 2 Cisco 7507 at each segment and are configured accordingly

10 days

Installation and configuration of Cisco 3750E/3560E switches and Cisco routers.

5 days

Configuration of workstations and end user LANs

5 weeks

Creating of the videoconferencing network segment and associated equipment.

5 days

Installing and configuring 2 Cisco Multiplexers

3 days

UPS installation

2 days

Installing the Cisco security appliances.

2 day

Configuring IPS and IDS to enhance the network security

2 days

Creating a secure external mail server and web server

6 days

Chicago LAN Upgrade

Cisco 6509 Installation at each segment as well as configuration

3 days

Configuration and Installation of Cisco Catalysts Cisco 3560E / 3750 Eswitches.

5 days

Configuring end user workstations and LANs

3 days

Creating and deploying the videoconferencing network segment and the associated equipment

6 days

UPS installation

4 days

Installing IPS and IDS for network security

2 days

Creating a secure external mail and server web server

3 days

WAN Connectivity to LAN

Installation of Cisco 7507 router

5 days

Connecting Cisco 7507 to the 6509E switch

2 days

Back-up connectivity with 45 Mbit/s DS3 to Chicago center

2 days

Back-up connectivity with 45 Mbit/s DS3 to Chicago

3 day

Installation of IDF with separate 3 subnets layers

1 day

Selection of EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)

3 days

Linking the EIGRP routing to WAN routers

2 days

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Installation of WLC (Wireless LAN controller)

3 day

The installation of encryption protocols for WPA2/WEP

2 day

Encryption support with 802.1X authentication

2 days.

Server Plan

The table reveals as/400 server plans.

Bestlinks as/400 Server Projections

New York




Total as/400 servers

18 November 2012




30 December 2012




30 February 2013




30 May 2013




31 July 2013




31 August 2013




31 September 2013




1.10: Status of Major Routers, Switches and Firewalls

The company will make the major routers, Switches and Firewalls available before the project implementation.

The project pre-requisites will be as follows:

Chicago facility will be ready which include major routers, Switches and Firewalls.

There will be a configuration of LAN at least at 3-server farm and 40 workstations.

There will be an establishment of LAN to WAN connectivity

There would be configuration of firewall to enhance network security. The firewall will be used to block unwanted traffic from the reaching the network. (Chen, Horng, & Yang 2008).

Part 2:


The document provides the network system for Hans Tech Limited. The company intends to open another business unit at Chicago. Since Hans Tech intends to establish a communication links between the two centers, the company will need to upgrade the existing network technology as well integrating the WAN technology to achieve the network connectivity between the two centers. The WAN connectivity will be established through the (EIGRP) Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol and the BestLink will assist in establishing efficient and effective network connection. The project implementation plan will take up approximately 12 months to complete. The project implementation will enhance the following value for Hans Tech Limited:

Enhancing the company competitive market advantages

Enhancing state-of-the-art operation centers for New York and Chicago centres

Delivering the latest and best network support

Delivering database system

High-speed network connectivity for Chicago and New York

Unparalleled communication at each site.

Scalable and efficient Local Area Network at each center

High-level firewall network security for the two centers

Flawless WAN interfaces to offer network connectivity for the two centers

Secured extranet and internet connections

Installation of anti-virus software for all laptops and desktops

The successful completion of this project will support other technical projects to achieve the following objectives:

Understanding the strategy to create effective and efficient network document.

Understanding the strategy to connect WAN over LAN

Assist in designing high level network reliability

Assist in designing document to…

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