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¶ … Generation Techniques in New Product Development

The process of new product development begins with identification of good product ideas and the use of an appropriate criterion to determine ideas to pursue. This process involves concept generation, which is the most important step since it involves generating and/or obtaining ideas regarding the product. Concept generation in new product development entails developing a set of customer needs, specifying targets, and determining several product alternatives for the design process. Given the significance of concept generation in new product development, there are several concept generation techniques. These techniques can be utilized to create variations of the basic concept in relation to different product form, characteristics, positioning, benefits, and customer target.

Overview of Concept Generation

According to Nobel (2013), concept generation is the process through which product development team creates or obtains ideas relating to the various aspects of a product such as product form and characteristics, customer target, positioning, and customer target. This process commences with a set of customer needs and target specifications, which help generate a series of product concept designs from which a final product form or design will be selected. In light of this description, concept generation in new product development entails ideation and concept screening. Ideation involves clarifying...


On the other hand, concept screening involves examining these solutions relative to their suitability and identifying and refining the most appropriate solution.

There are various concept generation techniques in new product development because of variations in customers' needs and desires. The development of these varying techniques for idea generation was geared towards ensuring every individual could engage in developing new product ideas. In essence, concept generation techniques enable people to share and develop existing solutions through predicting future problems, identifying future needs, and creating better product designs. While numerous concept generation techniques exist, no single technique is the best. Therefore, product developers or new product development teams should familiarize themselves with the existing techniques and utilize them individually or in combination with others as necessary ("Concept Generation," 2003).

Sample Product Concepts

The first example of a new product concept is a new fruit salad topping that will be utilized on desserts like ice-cream. The fruit salad will contain low calories, real fruit pieces, and no flavors or synthetic colors. Therefore, it will be suitable for use on ice-creams, breakfast cereals, pancakes, and bread. This product has been developed because fruits are renowned for being healthy food choices in any balanced diet. Given the emergence of lifestyles diseases in the recent past, customers have increasingly become nutrition-conscious and are looking for healthy food choices. A natural, low-calorie fruit salad will meet customers' needs for a healthy food choice and will be suitable for all age groups. Therefore, the product will be targeted to all age groups and will be marketed as a nutritious food choice that promotes healthy…

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