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Most of the victims are innocent and most are poor. Worsening social and economic conditions draw more people into criminality, a vicious circle that reinforces poverty.

Working Capital traps: Micro-entrepreneurs can only afford a tiny inventory, so their sales are so meager that they are unable to purchase a larger inventory the next day, and secondly they do not find any feasible borrowing scheme from government. (Stephen C. Smith. Poverty Traps and Global Development. The Globalist. May 15, 2006)

Poverty trap is more psychological impact as well and can be changed with changes in the culture and advertising, which will attract and turn the people hopeful.

Eighty percent of poor people become poorer when they gamble, but when wining seems the only hope, many poor people are prepared to take that risk, dazzled by the opulence of the rich. Poverty is increased when money-wealth is accumulated by means that do not increase national prosperity, and it can be dissolved if, there is increases in land values directed to benefit the whole public, not targeted speculators. It is also important for the government to insure justice, at low cost, with open access. It is also important for the government to ensure that it has offered decent housing and rental conditions to its people. (Stephen C. Smith. Poverty Traps and Global Development. The Globalist. May 15, 2006)

Would you recommend a policy that would limit population growth in order to raise economic growth? Why or why not?

Population growth has been cause of grave concern for governing authorities of developing countries. In case of developed countries the situation is much under controlled, and in many cases, countries like France, Germany, Australia and Canada, are much below the expected population level. In case of Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and China, the situation adverse, and require effective combat measures.

It is therefore a viable option to introduce and implement a policy which imposes certain restrictions in the increase of family members, this preventive major has been taken and implemented by China, but the results are still awaited. In many of the cases, especially the Muslim countries, the population growth has been extremely high, the government under the influence of the foreign institutions tried to introduce and apply the policy of limited family, but was opposed, because many religious scholars have turned the policy of population growth a religious issue, and so far the healthcare and social welfare. Therefore it the quantum of population keeps a positive trend, the government will be subjected to economic constraints, will fail to deliver the required allocations.

The rise in population growth also exemplify the need to ensure that there will be definite employment opportunities available for the population, the country will then require a stable economic infrastructure, not just for a limited period, with an economic infrastructure which can be termed secured and stable indefinitely. We have to keep in mind the realistic and practical approach, according to which it is hard to assure an economic infrastructure which can insure economic variability for indefinite period, and therefore it is important to keep and restrict the population growth, through awareness campaign, as been performed in rural area of Pakistan, in collaboration with the United Nationals and other non-governmental agencies.

Lester Brown of the World Watch Institute in his book Beyond Malthus, "The world is now starting to reap the consequences of its past neglect of the population issue, after nearly half a century of continuous population growth, there is a demand in many countries for food, water, and forest products is simply outrunning the capacity of local life support systems." State of the World publication from the World Watch Institute issued a warning, according to which, "may more directly affect economic progress than any other single trend, exacerbating nearly all other environmental and social problems."

Zero Population Growth has warned Americans and claimed that "Americans are likely to be affected by political conflicts that arise from environmental refugees fleeing overpopulated and environmentally degraded areas in search of more benign conditions or from concerns over the rights to finite natural resources like oil fields, water resources, or land." (United Nation Economic Forum. Population Growth and Economic Development. United Nations. 2004)


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