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Even though courses may include lectures, readings, outside research efforts, class discussions, as well as individual or small group presentations, these activities are not generally conducted in the classroom, utilizing Internet and presentation software enhancements. As an excessive number of graduate education departments are not equipped to offer school administrators classes which involve immediate Internet and database research activities, and/or technological presentations directly within the classroom, the researcher notes the need to secure this training from other sources (Donlevy, 2004, ¶ 14). VI. Technology for School Administrators Implementation In previous experiences, the researcher learned that including routine utilization of technological tool proved helpful in examining this issue of technology for school administrators. As technology, evidenced in the day-to-day life of schools, proves vital, school administrators have no choice but to prepare themselves to know how to effectively utilize programs designed to prepare future school leaders (Donlevy, 2004). Some of the technological areas school administrators need to display competence in include, but may not be limited to the following uses of technology:

1. Internet searching,

2. database researching,

3. accessing video-on-demand/video-streaming resources,

4. demonstrating expertise with Personal Digital Assistants,

5. using presentation software, and

6. other existing and emerging technological capabilities. (¶ 16)

VII. Technology for School Administrators Experiences

Previously, the researcher attended a class that incorporated technology directly into its program, which provided the researcher the opportunity to enter the workforce better prepared to meet the technological challenges of the designated position of the school administrator. Donlevy (2004, ¶ 17) stresses that it is vital that college and university programs which aim to prepare future educational leaders strive to improve the technological,...


They, as well as future school administrators need to seize each opportunity to ensure their technological competence expands and grows (Donlevy, 2004). VIII. Technology for School Administrators Opinions
Regarding technology for school administrators, not only has expertise in technology become "an essential administrative prerequisite," as Donlevy (2004, ¶ 3) stresses, the researcher asserts, it proves vital all throughout the course of the administrator's duties. The researcher contends that as the use of technological tools available to prepare numerous future school administrators proves to be limited, albeit schools would benefit by ensuring school administrators are afforded the time and funds to complete courses to help ensure they remain more technologically savvy than the students.


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