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The technical team can test the program used for running the new systems with the older systems before they are dismantles; this will give them a leeway to proceed to install the new technology as the out put will have been experienced using the current technology.

Training Plans

After the new technology has been successfully installed, the next step should be planning on training for the staff member and other stake holders that will be required to bear operation skills on the program. The first group to be trained should be the one that was involved in the installation process, the technical department. This department should know all aspects of the new technology because they will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the system. Also, the group can be used for training the other department which will lower the costs that the company would have incurred by using trainers from outside the company.

Departmental managers will have to prepare schedules to be used by staff in their respective departments during the training period; this will make the training organized and easy to both the trainers and the trainees. Also, the training should be structure in a manner that will accommodate the needs of different staff members. The team charged with the responsibility of training the staff should have the necessary training materials; these will range from reading materials, samples and some prototypes to help staff members that will difficulties in understanding the reading materials. The training should fully prepare staff members so that they will be ready to serve the customers without having to refer or ask co-workers or the technical team.

If the program has customer interactive parts that can be accessed through the internet, then the customers need to be brief on the changes and served with user manuals to help them adapt to the system in the shortest time possible. The customers can be supplied with reading materials and also there should be an open link through which the clients can air their questions and view about the new technology. If the customer's confidence is built, they can help in publicizing the same to other customers

Support Strategies Training

Even after the new program has been fully implemented, there is always some room for improvements and upgrades to the program. The company should ensure no employee is left behind if the system is upgraded. The trainings should not be closed as new employees will always be introduced into the company, also new customers will need to be oriented to the system to make service delivery much easier both to the customer and the staff (Marchewka, 2006, p.47). The employees should also receive refresher courses especially on modulus that are mostly used during regular business operations, the refresher courses will update the on any new modulus that might have been added to the program.

There should be a supportive group within the technical department that should unsure the system runs smoothly and whenever there are breakdowns they should minimize the down time (Boar, 2001, p.35). The support team can have an office within the companies premise or they should be easy to locate when need arises; through the phone, emails, etc.

If the management follows these recommendations, implementation and switch over from the older technology will be achieved with very little damage to both the company and the clients. It is important for any company to upgrade its technical systems, but if the necessary arrangements are not made prior to implementation, the change over might be damaging to the company and may even result in loss of clients who are the most valuable asset to any business.


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