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Technology Product

Project Charter: Technology Project for YourGard Technology Company

The project at focus in this study will involve hiring an outside contractor to develop the new application and an outside firm to design and construct the website. The web site must maintain the company vision and make the company's operation available in a technological sense to the world.

The purpose for this project includes the increase of market share and revenue through introduction of a new product line with technological features enhanced and increase of revenue through tapping into a larger base of customers through secure Internet sales. Finally, the purpose of this project includes the improvement of service to customers through engineering remote diagnostic, tuning and repair of the new product line.

Objectives of Project

The objectives of this project include the increase of the market share by 50% within two years of product launch through provision of touch screen technology and increased revenue by 25% within three quarters following product launch through acceptance of secure credit card transactions over the Internet. Finally, this project has the objective of increasing the satisfaction of customers by 25% among the existing customer base by becoming more technologically adept as customer satisfaction surveys have measured over the two-year period after launch of the product.

IV. Budget

The budget available for the project is the sum of $500,000.00

V. Timeline

The timeline set for the deliverables is 9 to 12 months.

The existing lines will undergo evaluation following the new line being on the market for a period of two years. Additionally, an enhanced website will be developed and launched parallel to the new line, which will enable the company to promote its products via the



The new product line and internet marketing and sales initiative will yield a solid return-on-investment within six months time.

VII. Information Technology Project

The new technology project is such that the new YourGard will be characterized by a touch screen color menu with graphical user interface (GUI) integrated into the product design. Users will be enabled to see their Pull/Stop configuration on this screen and when needed will be able to transmit their configuration to the office for diagnostic and tuning assistance. The following illustration shows the conception of this specific process.

Figure 1

VIII. Requirements for Detail Specifications for the Product

Involved in the new product line will be the following specifications:

(1) All pulls and stops replaced with 10"x10" touch color screen menu;

(2) Touch screen physically integrated into product design yet to be removed and replaced easily by the user for facilitation of repair and service upgrade. No tools to be required in replacement procedure, which will take a maximum of ten minutes.

IX. Web Site Enhancements

Website enhancements are to be inclusive of the sale of new and existing products over the Internet and user documentation for the new GUI to be made available on the company's website inclusive of step-by-step audio instruction and images of the final product. All credit cards are to be accepted with True-Sign as the credit card processing vendor.

X. Project Implementation

Project implementation will involve an outside technology consultant group being engaged to work with company engineers and craftsman to ensure the technology expertise needed to successfully implement the project. In addition, the company customer relationship management group will work on beta testing with several existing customers and the company quality control team will review and monitor the process of development and will work toward confirmation of the final acceptance of the product. The project will be characterized by collation between the outside technology firm and the company craftsman and quality control staff.

XI. Phases of the Project

Phase One - Specific project phases include the first step of extensive efforts at prototyping in order to ensure the graphical user interface touch screen…

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