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What types of equipment, support, training, and resources are currently available to teachers of special-needs students at the site school to assist them in effectively using technology to help their students increase their academic skills; especially in reading and writing?

RQ5. What components (equipment, curriculum, resources, etc.) should be included in a technology plan to be recommended for implementation at the site school to increase the reading skills of the special-needs students?

RQ6. What impact does the implementation of the plan have on the reading skills of the special-needs students at the site school?

Procedures, Practices and Expectations

In addition to an extensive literature review using academic databases, the researcher will conduct a pre-test/post-test quantitative...


This will be an experimental design in which one half of the class, selected randomly, will receive advanced technology training in reading, while the other half of the class will not. The two groups of students' progress in reading can then be compared to help determine the level to which the technology has enhanced (or not enhanced) their reading skills. The pre-test will occur at the beginning of the semester before any advanced reading technologies have been used. The post-test will occur at the end of the semester after the non-control-group students have become familiar with the technology.

It is expected that the results of this study will provide the information necessary to create a technology plan that has the potential of improving the reading proficiency of special needs, middle school students.. The results of this study can be a basis for policies aimed at optimizing the use of available resources for improving the reading skills of students with special needs.

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