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Network and Asset Recovery Issues

Part 1 Network Cabling

The issues at The Sunshine Health Corporation are deep and profound as they will require a strategic approach that addresses the problems at their core and provide real and practical solutions to the rather difficult environment. This document is action plans that addresses the old wiring issues the building has, laying new fiber cable where necessary, and presents the idea of developing wireless LANs, and Wi-Fi capability throughout the facility. The plan is intended to be effective, efficient and economical and deliver real and sustainable cost savings in the long-term.

Understanding the Environment

The first and most prescient issue dealing with this case is the identification of what the building possesses and what if any of the old wiring and cabling can be salvaged. The more that is known about the content of the wiring structure, which was left in somewhat disrepair, the more the plan can be developed in a detailed manner. Regardless of what the building has, it is also essential to understand what the building needs in order to reach the objectives and goals that include total intranet and internet wireless capability for a 200,000 square feet warehouse. The first step must include identifying the problem and dealing with it in the most direct manner.

Step 2: Identifying the Needs

Since the content of the wiring is unknown it makes logical sense to determine the cabling needs for the building as it is envisioned in the future. Using a site technician or an outside consultant may be prudent in this manner. This need can be addressed as other aspects of the plan are worked out simultaneously. What is most important is focusing on the value of the needs for managing a project. Tohidi (2011) supported this idea when he wrote "Nowadays with the advent of global and highly competitive markets, project managers are paying serious attention to providing valuable products to customers with the lowest fees. This vision has brought success and the economic development."

Step 3: Budgeting

Site Technician Consultant: $2,500

Cabling: $23,000

Wiring: $45,000

Labor $80,000

Networking Equipment: $35,000

Hardware: $33,000

Software: $12,000

Misc: $18,000/

Total: $271,000.

Budget $325,000.

Step 4 Determining Cost Savings

Due to the lack of explicit knowledge regarding the actual components of the wiring and cabling it is very challenging to predict an exact cost savings plan. The aforementioned budget is a presentation of what is known at the present moment and could adjust in one manner or another. What is important is that there is an action plan in place that can identify a starting point to determine the overall potential of this building and its ability to function at its new intended purposes.

Part 2 Asset Recovery

When performing asset…

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