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Another way that terrorism has more of an effect on democracy is because it influences the security of the homeland. Terrorism has made it where most countries ruled by democracy are now running a tight ship when it comes to homeland security (Leahy, 2005). As mentioned earlier it has dropped seeds in the back of people's minds as to whether or no democracy is able to protect its people. Not only has doubts been put in place regarding national homeland security but also the cost of keeping it more secure has sky rocketed the piece. Defense and security spending has really hit the roof by a massive amount in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Glen Hodgson, the Deputy Chief Economist for the EDC (Export Development Candada) mentions how the costs were in 2004:

The U.S. By itself has been spending somewhere around U.S. $500 billion every twelve months -- which is somewhere around 20% of the U.S. federal budget -- on departments that are directly betrothed in fighting or stopping terrorism, most particularly Defense and Homeland Security. The Defense budget has gone up by one-third, or over $100 billion, from 2001 to 2003 in reply to the intensified sense of the danger of terrorism -- an increase which is equal to 0.9 per cent of United States GDP. Expenses on defense and security are vital for any country, but of course they also come with a prospect cost; those capitals are not obtainable for other purposes, from spending on health and education to discounts in taxes. A higher risk of terrorism, and the need to battle it, merely increases that prospect cost. (Leahy, 2005)

Also it will have an impact on democracy because it will affect the economy. Economists also evaluate terrorism's impression on the global supply chains. (a supply chain is the arrangement of phases that dealers of goods take to get merchandises from one place to another.) These phases can become tremendously expensive in expressions of time and money when additional layers of safety at ports and land restrictions are added to the procedure. As stated by the OECD, higher transportation prices could have a particularly damaging effect on developing markets that have promoted from a reduction in costs in the last decade and as a result on countries' aptitude to combat deficiency.

It does not really appear to be that much farfetched to envision that in some instances, barriers that are meant to defend populations from terrorism would really bring much more strength to the risk: poor nations that might have to slow exports on account of the cost of security events are at a greater risk, on account of the effects of poverty, of governmental radicalization and destabilization and that is among their populations (Leahy, 2005).

In conclusion, terrorism is a major problem that is reoccurring over the globe in many different shapes and sizes that has a huge effect on democracy. The United States alone spends approximately $5 billion dollars a year opposing terrorists. With that said, it appears that terrorism is much more effective with democracy because everything is effective. Not only is it effective in bringing fear among the citizens of democracy but also threatens the financial stability of the country (Leahy, 2005). It has caused taxes to be raised in order to foot the homeland security bill which affects the pocket book of many democracy citizens. This has caused many citizens to even question if it is even worth pulling out their money in order to have security since a lot of them do not feel that it is protecting them (Dantzker, 2010). Terrorism has been successful in putting a lot pressure on democracy. It has worked to the point of getting a lot of its citizens in thinking that maybe there are other options when it comes down to government. The fact that countries like the Unites States would question democracy should probably raise some red flags for some people.

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