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The impact that terrorism has had on the global community since September 11, 2001 has been profound to say the least. In this short essay, the author will address the intent of terrorists, their methods, the political objectives, and the global response. In addition, they will include a treatment and analysis of how terrorism has affected international cooperation and other relations. Unfortunately, it is the opinion of this author that the efforts of the United States since September 11, 2001 have only exacerbated the problem. The methods and the political objectives of the terrorists have been largely achieved due to the American mismanagement of the war on terrorism. When one soberly reflects upon the present quagmires (one must use the plural form) that the U.S. finds itself in the Middle East, there are few other options but to review how we got where we are and how to extricate ourselves. These reflections are now critical. After ten years, our country's economy is a wreck and we are faced with an imperial presidency that wages war without any Congressional approval and must wonder if the police state that our country has become is worth the occasional terrorist attack.

In many ways, Islamic terrorism is "new" to the United States. While this may seem laughably pathetic in the wake of the Iranian Revolution, Islamic terrorism against U.S. targets in Lebanon and elsewhere in the 1980's and the Iran-Contra scandal, Western policy planners have been truly clueless as to how to analyze the problem and how to proceed. The origins of this new terrorism were traced in a 2004 article by Matthew J. Morgan in Parameters, the journal of the U.S. Army War College. The analysis of this major defense think tank reveals that we are still mystified at the ability of religion to be a revolutionary factor in the modern age. Morgan remarks that "The National Commission on Terrorism found that fanaticism rather than political interests is more often the motivation now...," as if there is a separation of mosque and state in Muslim countries (Morgan, 2004, 31). Morgan's reflections are particularly annoying in their simplicity given the power of religion in bringing down communism in countries like Poland or Afghanistan during the Cold War. Is it any wonder that our pain has begun in Afghanistan, the very country that proved to be the Achille's heal of the former Soviet Union?

Perhaps to understand the enemy better, we should consider his words to divine his intent of terrorists his methods, his political objectives and the global response he hopes to achieve. In a 2004 speech broadcast on Al Jazeera, Osama Bin Laden does exactly this. Unlike Mr. Morgan, Osama bin Laden's mind was affected by Lebanon. He remarks at his opposition…

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