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Should we get the religion that did this? Consider that the people who conducted the attacks were all united members of a single religious sect -- Moslems. The question then must be asked, was this a religious attack or jihad? I do not believe that because the attackers were Moslems and claimed to be motivated by religious beliefs that from this point forward it is fair to assume all Muslims or Islam as a religion is violence driven.

It is important that we as a nation do not single out Moslems or any other group as the only source needing suspicion for future acts. Consider Timothy McVey and what he did in Oklahoma. For several days after that explosion, Americans and the Media were looking for some Muslim or religious sect in the Middle East to attack. The shock that one of our own perpetrated this horrific act blindsided the American psyche.


The war came to us and we rarely know of the wars we bring to other nations. "Traveling in the Third World, I've found that to be an American sometimes means to be wondrously celebrated, to excite a deep, instantaneous loyalty in complete strangers." (Johnson) I have a cousin who went to Korea for a tour of duty with the military. What he told me when he returned was that we as Americans are a bit arrogant even when we reside in other places of the world.

The soldiers, for example, where not understanding of why the Koreans did not learn English to better serve the American conscripts. In other words, they were in Korea and they had no inkling to learn Korean and it was on seen on their part as lazy Korean not willing to become American. What the hell kind of thinking is that? But that is our American Foreign policy. Do it our way or we will kick your butts.

We need an awakening from these foreign exploits. We as a nation are not as rich as we would like to think and events like 9-11 may be brewing in our future. Consider our foreign policy in Iraq right now. Saddam may have been a mad man and yes, if Hitler had been taken down sooner... yeah, yeah -- I get all that.

But, to tie these 9-11 attacks to Iraq and to claim there were weapons of mass destruction as a policy to begin a war we cannot afford or control will haunt our nation for years to come. We are so dependent on the Middle Eastern Oil that we have elected a President who has been forced to steal oil rights any way he can. He will make his family rich for many years to come and our nation will be able to continue to drive their Hummer H2 and Lincoln Navigators for a few more years. Eventually our trade deficit and our dependence on foreign oil resources will push us to make some other blunder where we will be required to push another group and a new al-Qaeda will mysteriously appear. Our policies are very abusive and we must reconsider or pay. Think about it, we are all pretty lucky that the Native American Indian's don't have nuclear weapons, ahhhhh, yet Conclusion

In conclusion, this report was about the day after. Americans have a great deal to learn from the attacks on September 11, 2001. Some of us had survivor's guilt and many others had a renewed thirst for revenge from those uncivilized Muslims. This paper was a quick review of "War at Home," "It's Not All America's Fault," and "The Case for Rage and Retribution." This paper however was also my attempt to see things from the other side's perspective, our own perspective and to reflect on the way I wish things really were. As Americans, if we do not make some changes in the way we think and live there will eventually be a new Bin Laden or al Qaeda to let us know we still need to be more open to change.

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