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While the medical field agrees that prolonged suffering is not a desired product of medical care it has not yet reached the point of accepting that it is actually torture.

When we are at war we have soldiers how are standing trial for the torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war, however, we are not allowed to prevent that same level of torture from being thrust upon our loved ones who are ill / this makes no sense. Making someone endure the fevers, the pain, and the physical maladies that come with many of the life ending diseases today is actually a form of torture. It makes a person suffer against their will and at the hands of someone else, in this case the medical community.

More recently there have been strong arguments in courtrooms regarding Euthanasia and the right to choose to die now rather than later after suffering.

In the Washington case, Washington v. Glucksburg, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court ruled that there is a "liberty interest in choosing the time and manner of one's own death (Right, 2006)." rooted in the Fourteenth Amendment. In the New York case, Vacco v. Quill, the Second Circuit ruled that, given that New York law allows residents to refuse resuscitation and to forgo artificial life support, denying residents physician-assisted suicide violates the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection guarantee (Right, 2006)."

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS a final reason that the time has come to allow Euthanasia as a choice for those who are terminally ill has to do with religious issues. Many people belong to a religion that does not allow suicide. They are taught and believe from the time they are small that a suicide will damn them to hell for all of eternity.

When these people become ill and know there is no chance of recovery they are forced to suffer horrific symptoms and pain because they are not allowed to contract a medical professional for an assisted suicide. If a physician or other medical personnel is allowed to deliver the lethal dose of medication then the patient has not killed him or herself and they have not violated their religious beliefs. They will not have to suffer for months and weeks at the end but they can rest in peace knowing they have not crossed the line that their faith will not allow them to cross. In addition the process of Euthanasia allows for closure for the family members.

If the family believes the patient will be punished spiritually for taking his own life an assisted suicide can be the comfort that they need to accept that their loved one has to let go and die in peace but will maintain the spiritual beliefs by not committing suicide.


Euthanasia is something that should be an individual decision. It provides the ability for someone to end their life without suffering the horrible pain and disability that a long or terminal illness can cause. The decision to allow Euthanasia is not allowing murder; it is allowing death with dignity and grace. Without Euthanasia the medical community will continue to prolong life expectancies and medical bills are going to destroy families that already have to suffer watching their loved ones die. Euthanasia is the most humane thing the medical community can offer a dying patient who wants to end life before it gets so bad it scars family members for life to witness it. The time has come to provide legislation that allows Euthanasia as one "treatment choice in the treatment plan of the terminally ill.


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