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Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care Services Emergency rooms are designed to focus on those medical emergencies and not on routine health care. These centers have a positive effect on cost, access, quality, care continuity, and patient navigation. The use of emergency room has managed to serve patients in critical conditions and ensuring that lives are saved and restored to normalcy. These emergency rooms have been able to serve a bigger population because they have no long queues and patients are given urgent medical care. By so doing, the facility promotes the health of patients and later looks at the monetary issues compared to other health facilities that treat patients upon full payment of service fee. An urgent care center encompasses a broad spectrum of consumer-oriented innovations that provide swift accessible and more affordable care. They are part of the rapidly growing "convenient care" industry. The emergency room centers are changing the traditional EMS services because of the expanded health coverage, increasing health costs, crowded emergency departments, and lengthy wait times for primary care appointments.

When the visit emergency rooms, patients avoid the long waits made to see a physician and this offer is an alternative that fits the schedule of most patients...


The idea of being served immediately has led many patients to move to emergency room services because they can meet their other obligations without wasting time. More so, resources are not left to waste but are fully utilized in meeting patient's needs and demands. The other advantage of the service is the access to family practice and internal medicine physicians, which are specialties in short supply. Additionally, the emergency room is growing rapidly due to the solution they offer to these problems with fast service, shorter wait times, and extended patient hours. At CVS Minute Clinics, the quality of care from ambulatory care facilities and emergency departments was higher at clinics based on measures of evidence-based practice including appropriate diagnosis (Chang et al., 2015). In the coming future, these services are expected to have an increase in the finance perspective since they have additional room for growth. Hence, they can find underserved areas to turn a profit. For example, by expanding into urban markets and rural communities, they have enormous opportunity for expansion especially in the rural communities since they have been without healthcare resources. Therefore, by giving them these services, the community welcomes…

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