Themes Of Violence Loss Addiction And Suicidality Term Paper

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Themes of Loss, Violence, Addiction, and Suicidality

Loss, violence, suicidality, and addiction are common today. Pastoral and spiritual care has advocated using a narrative approach to deal with such issues. Most of these issuers are caused when people have undigested emotional reiterations of trauma. They may experience different pieces of stories and even face chaos. When people experience trauma, they face obsessive ruminations that they immerse themselves in (Doehring, 2015). They lose trust in others and start finding meanings that may be wrong as they struggle. All of these are differentiated from cures (Doehring, 2015). Cure implies that one's terrible life events are left-back, and a more sophisticated healing perspective is appreciated as part of the continuous story and overall existence. Integration is frequently correlated to personalized healing in Medicare care.

The people who go through addiction, violence, loss, and suicidality are continually suffering in the organizations, families, and persons. Healthcare integration is episodic, and it becomes more continuous with time, especially with ongoing support and care. Healing together with transformation is a long-term goal for people who have undergone trauma and suffer from loss, violence, suicidality, and addiction. They never realize their condition until they get extreme trauma (Doehring, 2015). Healing and integration are communal, relational, and personal goals of spiritual and personal care. They are part of justice so long as they are interconnected with the web of life (Doehring, 2015). Care for people encompasses care among the people. A nuanced understanding of systemic healing often refers to the goals of intercultural care in ways like integrative liberation, liberation integration, justice, and integration. Sketching the outlines creates a narrative approach to organizations, families, and other people (Doehring, 2015). These people should be handled with care, and the system is shaped so that it helps these people deal with situations and how they can manage their problems to avoid mental stress.


Doehring, C. (2015). The Practice of Pastoral Care: A Postmodern Approach (Revised and Expanded Edition). Westminster John Knox Press.

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