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It should also make sure that the managerial members have a consistent and constructive association with the team member to ensure success of the firm. They should also make sure that the team formed has an appropriate level of conformity in terms of the attitudes, principles and work ethics. The company should also make sure that there are no ego clashes within a team and that it stays united for the company's bets interests and goals. It should also focus on having informal and honest communicational interactions amongst the employees as well as be able to bring together a large team instead of a small one. Lastly, they should also focus on making sure that the team members have can tackle common problems through the creation of familiar bonds (Adair and Thomas, 2004). Conclusion

Having read the aforementioned facts, I feel that before a company chooses to adopt this group theory within their setup, it is important for them to realize that a team is only as brilliant and effective as its leader and every decision that is made by administrators of the company directly...


With that being said, the team cannot be in charge of the matters of the firm and the administrators have to draw lines on the level of freedom or input that the team is allowed with the executive decision of the company. However, they should also learn to respect the opinions and input of the team members when it is given and help them in doing their job better by clearly defining the company objectives and policies, the background of the company, the training required to last within technical organization and the freedom to get acquainted with each other in order to create a friendly, honest and constructive work environment.

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