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New Media

This work will propose three potential issues or challenges to address and will identify two potential social media communication tools and describe what could be done to solve each issue using these two tools. According to Graham, (nd) Social media includes social networking platforms including Facebook and Flickr but social media can also be such as "bulletin boards, podcasts, blogs, wikis, etc." (Graham, nd) In fact, social media is "anything where users can participate, create, and share content." (Graham, nd)

Issue to Be Solved

The issue chosen to be addressed in this work in writing is the issue of government failure to adhere to constitutional values in governance in the U.S. House, U.S. Congress, Legislature, and Senate and throughout the country various State and County Courts. This is an issue that is worthy of being addressed since enactment of the Patriot and Patriot II Acts have served to cripple the application of the United States Constitution and most specifically the Bill of Rights.

This issue is presently under debate by presidential hopefuls and is an issue that is coming to the forefront of the U.S. public attention most particularly since the bank frauds and Wall Street bankers are the focus of the protests throughout the United States. At issue have been such as police enforcement abuses and civil rights violations against American citizens for exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.

Therefore, the writer of this study has determined that an E-Book should be published and specifically one that is easy to read, that is informative about the rights of American citizens, and which rights that the Constitution protects and that the Patriot I and Patriot II Acts violate in their application. Two social media tools are chosen for the purpose of spreading the E-Book information, which is targeted both widely and rapidly for the purpose of informing American citizens in sufficient time for their consideration prior to the next presidential primaries.

II. E-Book Publishing and Use of Social Media Tools

Two social media tools have been chosen for the purpose of publicizing and advertising the upcoming E-Book, which was presented in section I of this work in writing. Those social media tools are:

(1) Facebook; and (2) Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are chosen due to their extensive use as social media communication tools. These websites are utilized in a network that is expansive in its reach and that enables the rapid spread of information and knowledge across the entire globe.

III. Facebook

Facebook is a website, which enables the individual to build their own profile and to add photos and other information about their personal, business and family life. Facebook is a social media tool used by families and friends to stay in touch and that is used for reacquainting between individuals who have not spoken in decades. Facebook is used as a meeting place for individuals with the same interests or history and it is also a website that is used as a social meeting place or in other words, it is used as a virtual club or commons.

IV. Twitter

Twitter, just as Facebook is a social media tool in the form of a website that enables individuals to stay in touch throughout their day or week and that enables those with the same interests or commonalities to meet, speak, listen and collaborate on issues or events that they feel is important.

V. Promotion of the E-Book

Promotion of an E-Book on Facebook and Twitter would be a very easy task as the individual would simply post the information on their homepage and then all of their friends who receive the individual's homepage posts each day would be exposed to the information concerning the e-book, where it can be read, purchased, checked out or otherwise accessed. According to the work entitled "Content Marketing Playbook: 42 Ways to Connect with Customers" published by Junta 42 an E-book is what can be conceived as "a white paper on steroids…a report, generally 12-40 or more pages in length, that presents complex information in a visually attractive, reader-friendly format. The content is both informative and entertaining, the tone, collegial, the format, 'chunky' rather than linear, to facilitate skimming and scanning." (Junta 42, 2010)

The E-Book is cited as a great tool for use in "companies with complex products or services" and in "organizations who can or want to promote thought leaders" and finally as "driving a stake in the ground on an important topic." (Junta 42, 2010) Such is the case in this present study. The three key play points for the e-book is stated to include those as follows:

(1) Develop your distribution strategy early: how will you get your ebook into reader hands?

(2) think visually: make liberal use of bullets, callouts, sidebars, graphs, etc.;

(3) Conclude with a solid call to action: what should readers do next? (Junta 42, 2010)

The New Yorker article entitled "Small Change" states "The world, we are told, is in the midst of a revolution. The new tools of social media have reinvented social activism. With Facebook and Twitter and the like, the traditional relationship between political authority and popular will has been upended, making it easier for the powerless to collaborate, coordinate, and give voice to their concerns." (Gladwell, 2010)

III. Promotion of Blog

A blog is a powerful social media tool that can be used to inform the reader about the e-book that is being proposed for promotion in this study. One report on blogging states "Social media strategy usually involves constant and active communication with customers within social networks. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular ones." ( / reviews/blogging-as-a-powerful-social-media-promotion-tool/trackback/) Also stated is "A corporate blog is one of the most powerful communication channels." ( / reviews/blogging-as-a-powerful-social-media-promotion-tool/trackback/) It is stated that once having set up the blog that it must be filled with content and it must be updated constantly. The blog needs to contain material of good quality. A blog is reported as requiring updating by a social media person or in fact, updating can be accomplished by a team since "different people have expertise in different fields and some knowledge to share." ( / reviews/blogging-as-a-powerful-social-media-promotion-tool/trackback/) It is important that the blog be linked and interlinked as well. In addition, it is important that some of the keywords in the blog be linked to other articles on the same topic that is published in the blog. (http://svhostingblog. com/reviews/blogging-as-a-powerful-social-media-promotion-tool/trackback/)

Creating a successful, multiple author blog has certain requirements according to John Haydon. Those requirements include the following stated tips:

(1) create unity with shared goals and guidelines;

(2) create author guidelines;

(3) assign one editor;

(4) Allow appropriate access; and (5) stay organized with a calendar. (Haydon, 2011)

It is important that the blog receive optimum exposure and toward this end, the advice of John Haydon is again very useful. Haydon states that in order to get one's blog retweeted they should:

(1) measure engagement;

(2) follower attrition;

(3) measure content;

(4) Be relevant -- It is reported that a survey conducted by Dan Zarrella reported that content is shared by people because that content was believed to be relevant for someone they know. Therefore, one should stay relevant to their topic which they desired their readers to follows:

(5) Write Pithy Headlines -- On Twitter there are only 140 characters.

(6) Include links - Dan found in his study that retweets tend to have more links and in fact that 56.69% of retweets contain a link versus 18.96% of normal tweets.

(7) One should add their own thoughts;

(8) One should be the first to share breaking news on a topi9c;

(9) Talking about someone else rather than ones' self draws more readers;

(10) Nurture community to create trust as these are retweeted more than the blogs that do not have a connection to their readers.

(11) DM a retweet request;

(12) Use iPhone;

(13) Embed Retweets;

(14) Timing;

(15) Say Please;

(16) Say Thank You. (Haydon, 2011)

IV. Promotion of Newsletter

It is reported that one of the first steps in combining email and social media is through newsletters. The newsletter is utilized for the purpose of expanding the base of readers beyond newsletter subscribers and doing so with no extra cost. The newsletter further enables constant contact and included in the newsletter that is successful is a share bar so that readers can share the newsletter on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or other popular social media websites. Combing email and social media is reported to be a concept that is not new and posting links to newsletter on social media web pages is becoming increasingly common. Also used are widgets and other apps to add newsletter sign up forms to blogs and other social media pages. (Practical E-Commerce, 2011, paraphrased) The newsletter can be easily linked to Facebook and Twitter toward promoting the initiative stated in this study.

III. Measurements of Success

Measuring success with social media marketing is reported to be accomplished…

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