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TNT is a multinational company specializing in the express service delivery. The company delivers parcel, document, and mail to its customers domestically and globally. Following the global recession, competitions, and recent development in the electronic message delivery, the company has recorded a decline in the profits delivered to the shareholders in the last few years. This document develops a marketing plan to improve the company sales and boost the revenue. The marketing plan will target Netherlands, the UK, and North America. The marketing plan will also target the emerging countries such as China, India and South America. The brand positioning will be used as promotion strategy where company will use its strong brand to differentiate itself from the competitors. Moreover, TNT will employ 7Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, People, Place, Process and Physical Evidence) as the marketing mix. TNT will use brand technique to differentiate its products in the market and the company will employ efficient service delivery as the physical evidence. The company will also use its pool of talented employee to achieve its marketing objective. By developing the skills of its employee, the company will enhance company efficiency and provide fast service delivery for its customers. The marketing research will be used to determine the best marketing strategy to implement for specific location. It is presumed that the implementation of the marketing plan will boost the company sales by more than 67%.

Company Overview

Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) is a multinational company specializing in the express delivery service for individual and businesses. TNT delivers parcels, documents and freight securely using road and air transport. TNT starts its long history from Australia, and in 1996, the company was acquired by KPN. Two years later, KPN was rebranded to TNT. At present, TNT is a global company serving customers in more than 200 countries. In the UK, TNT has 10,000 employees who assist the company to realize its business objectives. The company focuses on using superior technology to assist customers to track the deliveries at any time. TNT is a European market leader that has achieved the status of being one of the fastest and most reliable providers of express deliver service. TNT specializes in the mail, parcel and express delivery.

Despite the TNT position as one of the global leaders in the express delivery service, the TNT is facing challenges in the last three years making the company revenue to decline. The current recession facing many countries in Europe, and North America has negative effect on the TNT business process. The Global recession that has started in 2008 also affects many businesses in the advanced countries. Many businesses have recorded losses due to the recent global recession, and some businesses were liquidated due to the harsh economic condition. Since 2008, TNT has recorded decline in the sales performances due to global economic recession. This document presents marketing plan for TNT to address the challenges facing the company.

II: Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is to assist TNT to identify the market trends in order to capture the opportunities. The company strategy-marketing map is to put customers at the heart of the business. The company needs to build a solid strategic marketing plan to achieve its business objectives. The strategy involves building a long-term plan to achieve distinct position in the market through speed, reliability, and provision of services with highest standard. TNT attempts to build a strong market position by making customers the most-focused and provide reliable services by differentiating itself from the competitors. In addition, TNT needs to have distinctive position in the market and the marketing strategy will assist the company to differentiate its service from the competitors. (The Times100, 2011). The implementation of marketing strategy will allow TNT to realize its mission.


Mission of an organization reflects its business aims, its core business, and core purpose. The mission reflects what business is heading. A mission guides the stakeholders about an organization. TNT mission is to:

Deliver value to customers by providing efficient solution and most reliable service through network connection.

Meet customer expectation by transferring their goods and document with highest speed globally.

Create value for the stakeholders, instilling prides in people and sharing responsibilities globally.

TNT has set marketing of objectives to support the company mission. The company objectives cover all its operations and services.

Marketing Objectives

TNT marketing objectives are to:

Achieve growth in profitability

Answer 85% of the customer call within 10 seconds.

Exceed the needs of customers by implementing a customer-focused value proposition.

Meet customer expectation by providing exceptional high quality service delivery

Increase the customer loyalty by focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and development.

Target Market

The company marketing strategy will include all activities to retain and win-back customers. TNT will focus its marketing campaign at the segments where there are decline in the mail markets. Presently, TNT is recoding the dramatic decline in the mature mail markets in Netherland, and the trend is likely to continue with increase in the substitution of electronic mail communication. The company will target its marketing campaign towards Netherlands to improve the company market position in the region. Moreover, TNT will position its marketing campaign to capture growth in mail markets in the United Kingdom Italy and Germany. There are several reasons the target markets are Netherlands, the UK, Italy, and Ger many.

First, Netherlands is the major mail market for TNT. At the end of the 2010 physical year, TNT recorded around Euro 2.9 billions which is approximately 83% of annual mail sales, and in the recent years, there is a sales decline from Netherlands by 9%, and it is anticipated that there could be further decline of sales in Netherlands. Moreover, the UK, Italy, and Germany are other major markets where mail markets are active in Europe. Thus, TNT will target its marketing campaign to these countries to increase the market shares. By focusing the target market in these countries, TNT will improve its profitability.

In addition, TNT will take the advantages of B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer). The company will target businesses in the B2B parcel market. TNT will target its marketing campaign at businesses in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. Typically, it is projected that the express parcel delivery service will continue to grow since this line of business faces little challenges from the electronic mail delivery. TNT will also focus its campaign on B2B and B2C parcel markets and targeting businesses and consumers in North America and Europe.

TNT is continuing expanding in the non-express freight segment. The company will target the European large flow of customers for the freight markets. The company will also take advantages of rapid development of the emerging markets such as India, China and South American markets for the marketing campaign for the express service delivery. (NT 2010).

The company will also take the advantages of the growing importance of e-commerce and BCB market to increase its marketing campaign on the express service delivery. Moreover, the TNT will take the advantages of the accelerated growth and increasing importance of emerging market such as China to strengthen and expand its position in the domestic and international market.


TNT will use the brand positioning to differentiate its products and services before the segment markets. The brand positioning is a key marketing tool that TNT will employ to differentiate itself from the competitors. Brand positioning is the expression of product, and services that TNT offers for customers. With rapid method of dissemination of information, TNT will use its strong brand to disseminate information across the target markets. Brand is a key element that creates verbal and visual identity, and TNT will use its brand identity as the marketing strategy that the company will use to communicate to people. Brand positioning represents image of TNT. (Douglas, Craig, & Nijssen, 1999). The brand positioning will serve as communication that will make people to develop interest in the products and services of the company. TNT will use "orange thread" brand positioning to serve as building block for its marketing campaign. The brand position will encompass the product positioning, service positioning, and marketing communication. The TNT will use positioning integration to communicate the company product and services to domestic and regional markets. TNT will use its brand positioning as element of identity, personality, and values, which will make the company to be unique in the eyes of the people. (TNT, 2007). As being revealed in the perceptual map in the Fig 1, brand positioning will assist TNT to achieve customer loyalty, product differentiation and sales increase.

Fig 1: TNT Perceptual Map of Positioning



Customer Loyalty

(Orange Thread)



Sales Increase Product Differentiation


TNT will implement the marketing campaign to assist the company to achieve competitive market advantages. The global recession, competitions and rapid development of electronic communication have made TNT to face challenges. To improve the company market positions, TNT will target North America, Europe, and emerging markets for the marketing campaign. The company will use brand…

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