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Thus, tobacco advertisements tend to show these vulnerable and observational children and young adults that smoking is associated with their favorite athletes. This may make them more eager to try smoking. Yet still, the LPGA included a tobacco company within their arsenal of sponsorships. In order to determine if this was a good move, and potentially be a source of removing the sponsor from the list, they condoned a study of their audience's opinion. The results showed overall that the audience did support tobacco sponsorship, despite its unhealthy connotations.

There are several elements which the author failed to provide that could have given a clear explanation for the final result. Yes, its a common association between cigarettes and more health, but many fans of the specific sport may also be smokers. Sports, in large part, are adored by older adults, thus there is a larger market for more responsible adults who could consciously make such a decision without peer pressure. Additionally, women's golf is not necessarily the most popular sports among a larger demographic of Americans. Let's face it, LGPA would never be as popular as let's say the NBA. Therefore, the sport, and individual event itself, have less younger fans than other sports genres. If the author would have chosen a more broadly enjoyed sport, there might have been significant changes within the end result of the survey -- that tobacco was supported. With a larger audience of older adults, many most likely were not concerned that the presence of a tobacco sponsor would then in some way affect a child's choice to smoke cigarettes.


Danylchuk, Karen E. (2000). Tobacco sponsorship: spectator perceptions at an LGPA…

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Danylchuk, Karen E. (2000). Tobacco sponsorship: spectator perceptions at an LGPA event. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 9(2):103-113.

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