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Sustainable Tourism and Its Boons

Travel agencies have several sustainability practices that are germane to their business. These include educating travelers about appropriate, sustainable behavior, referring businesses that are sustainable, offering awards to sustainable businesses, investing in ecological friendly technology, and donating revenue to environmental causes. Airline practices for sustainability include implementing an Environmental Management Information System, creating environmental coordinator positions, recycling waste, building more efficient craft, and using Zero Emission Vehicles for ground support (Weaver, 2005, p. 81). Cruise ships can utilize native tour guides, Cruise Industry Waste Management Practices and Procedures, discharging water in appropriate sea conditions, treating water appropriately prior to discharge, and working with local governments to preserve natural environments. Hotels and resorts can make concerted efforts to recycle, invest in energy reduction technologies, reduce water use, invest in water treating technologies, and minimize waste. Theme parks can allocate land for environmental needs, donate land and resources to environmental groups, utilize native plants and organic pesticides, and engage in community outreach. Casinos...


Ski resorts can dedicate a portion of land for preservation, conform to more stringent environmental regulations, reseeding ski runs, restoring the natural habitat, and effecting "slope stabilization measures" (Weaver, 2005, p. 103). Golf courses can naturalize their resources by reducing the usage of fossil fuels, water, fertilizer, and pesticide; they can also incorporate native vegetation instead of replacing it.

9. There are a number of sustainable tourism practices in New Zealand. One of these is to align the tourism industry with the nation's economy. Another is to invest in technology that is sustainable. Additionally, the country has made efforts to support conservation causes, recycle, raise funds for environmental causes, and eradicate pests that can damage the environment. Finally, the country also utilizes modern, low emission equipment.

1. The primary difference between voluntary and obligatory quality control tools is that the latter are typically legal mandates, whereas the former are not mandated by law. Organizations do not have to adhere to voluntary quality control tools. It seems as though obligatory quality control tools are the more efficacious because they at least establish minimal standards of competence (Black and Crabtree, 2007, p. 17) with which organizations must comply.

2. An example of an award of excellence quality control tool is…

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