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¶ … Desirable Leadership Approach

My Leadership Approach, Case study Apple Mac Legal Center

The quality of organizational culture and output depends on the nature leadership approach instituted by the leader. Ideally, a good leadership approach that seeks to energize various departments with intent steer a collective productivity. I realized these things during my stay at the Apple Mac Legal Center. During my pursuit for a desired organization culture, I realized that the Apple Mac Legal Center was facing two core problems, one related to communication and the other on sustainability. While developing a leadership approach, I realized that there were decisive considerations one position, charisma, influence, and situation. This reflection will attempt to prove that my leadership approach would mitigate Apple Mac Legal Center organizational culture problems.

My Leadership Approaches

Positional Power

When it comes to leadership schemes, position is a crucial element since this negotiates the control. During my stay at the Apple Mac legal center, my position was intrinsically directed toward enrichment of equivalence to subordinates. After a close inspection, it was necessary to develop a decisive strategy, which would respond to the direct needs of the organization. The issues of job levels were incorporated in the position factors. In fact, job group levels were essential since this would aid the determination of communication required in different segments of the organization.

Lai et al. (2012) supports this approach in what the journal assesses as the intrinsic contribution of job group levels in igniting positive contribution of all organizational levels. For the part of the leader, it is necessary to develop a coherent power that will penetrate various channels of job groups. Secondly, as part of my assessment, I endeavored to establish whether the organization had any position of powers grounded on sex. Ramirez-Melgoza (2006, pp. C3) supplemented towards my approach in dealing with the sustainability. It should be recalled that for a professional organization like Apple, feminine discrimination is not common. However, there are instances that some members of the feminine gender often use their perceived 'inferior role' to agitate for unachievable demands in the organization. According to the research that I tackled I identified the nature of sustainability was systematic and required a coherent approach to deal with. In summary of the position of power, there were two articles at hand: Job group levels as essential of communication and sustainability.

People will enter an already crowded space…but only one will emerge with growth factors. Kazuo Hirai

I adopted this approach from Kazuo Hirai, the Sony C.E.O who has been instrumental in building position as a source of power. In Sony group, delivering is the fulcrum. Taking to account this is an engineering field, it is necessary to solidify the campaign based on the ability to position of power. Hirai consistently applies his organizational approach to ensure that issues related to minorities are not affected. Recently, Hirai condemned the Sony production of the Racist song in Brazil a song that was released in 1997. With this kind of stand, it is essential to note that leadership is all about principles.

The Leader

To achieve deliberation in communication and possible surfacing of charismatic leadership, it was imperative to inherent a decisive leadership approach that was based on transformational, charisma and competence. Samnani (2013, pp. 190) aided my further understating on the role of charismatic leadership and how it would facilitate my determination of leadership methodologies. In fact, after going through Samnani leadership strategy I realized that I was obliged to create visions through the employment of charismatic behaviors. Further to this, I realized the necessity of having a lucid purpose for approaching the issues of communication and sustainability.

After several meditations, I developed a mission and vision statement for my leadership in relation to the issues at hand. The mission of my leadership approach was to develop a coherent workforce one that adheres to the principles of respect at levels operation. The vision was to make the...


Indeed, I realized that mission and vision statement equipped my leadership approach to integrate the leadership of influence based on leadership of focus.

Complexity is your enemy Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to & #8230;.keep things simple. Richard Branson

As such, the task was to duplicate my vision and mission for the organization. The competencies of the organization can be achieved by ensuring that the overall results are effectively achieved and probably more efficient. However, my vision and mission was to be parallel with the organizational mission and goals. Ideally, the mission and vision of the organization were illuminated on my approaches: the delivery would be in line expected goals and objectives of the company. To merge the two, it was integral to apply strategic analysis. Newark (2006, pp. 6) supports the virtue of strategic analysis since organizational goals are based on the nature and performance of the organization at the time.

I espoused this approach from Richard Branson, C.E.O virgin group. Ideally, Branson lives the corporate dream of being charismatic and loving the job, that he does. Branson is compelled by the notions that do not lead sheep; herd cats and Branson leadership methodology. Further to this, Branson does not expect the team to follow him where he leads, but he endeavors to create a challenging environment. In response to this, I considered that as part of the leadership, the Apple's members of the legal force had understood what they were doing and this would enhance more focus on Apple as a firm and not necessary individual attention.

The Led

The concept of strategic leaders is the impetus in solidifying the organizational approach in relation to building organization tranquility. In fact, Grieves (2010, p. 289) supports that a strategic leader should focus on examining the organization external performance in relation to internal factors. In this case, it is good to acknowledge that Apple had decisive expectations from the external community. When it came to issues of sustainability, it was appropriate to develop a leadership strategy that would not be hurting to the local public.

While the core focus of my approach focused on developing tactics that would emphasize strategic leadership one that would absorb all members, it is appropriate to that ensure that rules and regulation of the organization were adopted. In order to achieve this, Lucko (2011, pp. 1210) aided my approach through the application of a linear sequence one that would seek to merge strategic analysis of the external environment against the internal analysis of competencies of future oriented action of change. This approach is decisive since I would categorically attack narcissism, which existed in various levels of the organization and were primarily responsible in creating sexist attitudes. The objective was clear that technical, engineering, and manufacturing / also computer programming was an open field, and having females in it did not necessarily mean that the women were better suited than men were. As part of the attack, I applied the logical instrumentalism theory to affirm the necessity of the humanistic approach in dealing with various levels of organizational development. This approach would further increment my sustainability options of creating a desired organizational culture that would respond directly to various organizational issues.

The Influence Process

I am not afraid to expect a fair number from people it makes them much better, Mc Nerney Boeing President.

Now based on my logical instrumentalism self-motivation theory. As part of influence process, my charisma was heavily invited to offer decisive strategies. In this case, charisma would guide my demonstration of adequacy, agility, and decisiveness of established goals. My influence implied that intrinsic objectives would affect other members of the organization. It should be noted that leadership involves a process of double linear way event, one that is based on an interactive process. Casimir and Ng (2010, pp. 501) suggest that when the concept of leadership is analyzed in a manner of sharing ideas, then organizational culture becomes to everyone. This is not restricted to the formally designated leadership in the overall leadership parameters.

To achieve the concept of leadership further in my stay at Apple, I materialized the concept of groups as this seemed a better strategy compared to other approaches. Groups would be essential in solidifying an approach to defragmented problems. For part of the overall task, I inspired the development of groups based on various departments. Further to this, the process emphasized the implementation of training programs primarily those, which would teach employees to understand the organizational behavior or respect, unity and cohesion.

This approach was adopted from the current president of American International Group (AIG) Robert Bob Benmosche. When coming to power, Benmosche made it clear that for AIG to revive from Draconian times, the nature of followers were to be good willed with a decisive intent to develop. For the organization to develop, it is essential that the organization adopted a communication…

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