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Lyme Disease

The author of this report has been asked to offer a brief report about Lyme disease and some of the facts and issues surrounding the disease. First off, the author will research and discuss what has happened to the prospects of a Lyme disease vaccine. Second, the author will discuss why laboratory testing for Lyme disease is not yet definitive. Finally, the author will discuss what is generally done for the chronic and other effects of Lyme disease that lead patients to suffer. While there are options for dealing with Lyme disease, the disease has proved to be very vexing and troublesome.

As for what has happened with the Lyme disease vaccine, there actually was on in production but it was removed from the market in 2002. The vaccine was apparently at least somewhat effective but it was taken off the market in large part because there was insufficient consumer demand to justify keeping production intact. Further, the CDC asserts that anyone who received the vaccine prior to its discontinuation in 2002 is probably no longer protected from the disease given that the vaccine loses its efficacy over time not unlike...


The first step that is recommended by the CDC is what is known as the EIA test, which is short for enzyme immunoassay. Alternately, the first step can be what is known as the IFA, or indirect immunofluorescence assay. The former is much more commonly used than the latter. With this test, if the results come up negative, then no further tests are generally needed or recommended. If and only if the first test is positive, the testing physician should do what is known as the Western blot test. If the EIA or IFA is positive and the Western blot test is positive, then the patient almost certainly has Lyme disease. It is noted by the CDC that skipping the EIA or IFA is less than wise because the Western blot test can be positive but this does not mean the…

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